Site-to-Site VPN Solution

Secure Connections for the Distributed Enterprise

Deliver reliable transport for complex mission-critical traffic, such as voice and client-server applications, without compromising communications quality. Cisco's site-to-site VPN solutions integrate advanced network intelligence and routing for network designs ranging from traditional hub-and-spoke to "any-to-any" intersite connectivity. They also help streamline provisioning and minimize ongoing operational tasks.

Integrated network features such as routing, QoS, and multicast support deliver any traffic type, including latency-sensitive voice/video and terminal services, while preserving transport reliability and quality over Internet-based VPNs.


This popular site-to-site VPN solution for connecting remote locations to headquarters provides advanced encryption to secure information in transit and is the premier solution for permanent VPN connections.

Easy VPN

This cost-effective solution is ideal for remote offices with little IT support or large CPE deployments where it is impractical to individually configure multiple remote devices.

Dynamic Multipoint VPN

When branch locations want to communicate directly with each other over the public WAN or Internet, Dynamic Multipoint VPN is the optimal solution.

Group Encrypted Transport VPN

When your enterprise has a private WAN network, and remote locations need to communicate with each other directly, Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GET VPN) provides optimum bandwidth efficiency while securing communications.

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