Disaster and Pandemic Preparedness Teleworking Solution

Teleworking Solutions Maintain Business Continuity During Disasters

Disaster and pandemic planning are vital to helping ensure business continuity. A disaster or pandemic event such as an earthquake or a virus outbreak or can displace employees from the worksite for several days, weeks, or even months. Without a plan for remote working solutions for displaced workers, your business may not be able to continue operations.

Cisco offers complete remote working solutions that extend the network data, applications, and voice/video services available at the worksite to employees' homes or alternate work locations. These secure solutions include VPN, unified communications, wireless LAN, and WebEx to enable employees to work with a complete suite of office-caliber resources regardless of their location. Cisco teleworking solutions:

  • Help enable employees to work from home or an alternate work location and perform their jobs with the same efficiency and productivity as in their office environment
  • Deliver great flexibility in remote working environment, from work-at-home solutions using company-owned laptop PCs or employee-owned PCs, to use of public Internet terminals or Internet-enabled mobile phones
  • Provide comprehensive, integrated security, including customized access levels based on user, access device, and location
  • Minimize equipment required at employee locations by using existing network infrastructure and IT processes for service deployment
  • Provide streamlined, low-touch/zero touch remote user provisioning and management
  • Provide flexible licensing and rapid deployment and scaling options for pandemic situations

Podcast: The Role of VPNs in Disaster and Pandemic Preparedness (MP3 - 7.5 MB)

Public. Discussion of how SSL VPN can help ensure business continuity when employees cannot access the workplace due to a disaster or pandemic.

Podcast: Talking About SSL VPNs (MP3 - 9.4 MB)

Public. VPNs are essential for remote access. Listen in on 10- to 15-minute discussions among Cisco and industry experts about business, design, and deployment considerations for SSL VPNs in this podcast series.

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