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Security Beyond Traditional Defenses

Watch how to defend your network and accelerate threat detection and response.

Security Beyond Traditional Defenses

The emergence of cloud computing, mobile communications, and big data have exponentially expanded the dynamic nature of the global economy. At the same time, it has created new points of attack and exploitation that need to be identified and defended. Find out how Cisco solutions can help organizations safeguard the critical operations and assets on which their prosperity depends.

Effective cybersecurity solutions can help you protect your organization's information assets, deter or disrupt malicious actors, and ensure operational continuity. Yet, multifunction architectures and security services are required to accommodate new trends such as:

  • Proliferation of both personal and business end devices on the network
  • Access of assets and services through multiple mediums and clouds

Cisco is committed to using its extensive security expertise to help organizations fortify their network foundations, protect their critical assets, and deter threats in today's complex Internet environment.

From an organizational perspective, a failure to secure the network opens the door to loss of company data, intellectual property, financial capital, or even a company's reputation. More importantly, loss of customer data or the impact of that loss on national security introduces a host of unintended consequences. In essence, it points to ineffective cybersecurity policies and outdated network architectures.

Cisco brings the experience required to deliver the intelligence, visibility, and control your organization needs to defend its critical functions and assets. This helps you:

  • Secure your organization's information
  • Detect and deter malicious actors
  • Ensure the continuity of your organization's mission

Strengthening network security against malicious activities requires state-of-the-art technology and advanced services. To protect your organization, you need:

  • Cloud-based threat intelligence and defense
  • Common policy, management, context-aware controls
  • Network-enforced policies
  • Trustworthy Systems foundation

Cisco cybersecurity solutions are designed to provide these capabilities, and deliver the trust, visibility, and resiliency organizations need to operate with confidence.

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