FlexPod Infrastructure Automation

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FlexPod Infrastructure Automation

FlexPod is an integrated computing, networking, and storage solution developed by Cisco and NetApp. Its configurations and workloads are published as Cisco Validated Designs. FlexPod is categorized by established and emerging client needs:

  • FlexPod Data Center was developed for large enterprises.
  • FlexPod Express serves small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • FlexPod Select focuses on high capacity and performance for specialized workloads.

Cisco and NetApp support FlexPod deployments through the Cooperative Support Model.

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FlexPod with Cisco ACI

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FlexPod components include Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers, Cisco Nexus switches, and NetApp unified storage systems.

The FlexPod architecture can scale up or out. And it can be optimized for a variety of mixed workloads in both virtualized and nonvirtualized environments.

Large enterprise data centers need agile platforms with high availability and scalable storage. Along with reducing operating costs, chief information officers want to use a converged infrastructure to support hybrid cloud computing.

Small and medium-sized enterprises need a simplified setup and easy use, access to public cloud services, and greater value for their data center budgets.

Many enterprises also need purpose-built, high-capacity platforms for specialized workloads. Large-scale, real-time data analytics place unique demands on computing stacks. Video surveillance, in-memory databases, and public cloud infrastructures have similar capacity needs.

FlexPod's architecture can be configured for the growing needs of all these clients. FlexPod is deployed with more than 4100 customers and available in more than 100 countries. For the future, FlexPod customers and partners want configuration guidance, easy ordering, and validation for the configuration that is most aligned with their needs.

To meet these emerging trends, FlexPod delivers three named configurations:

  • FlexPod Data Center
  • FlexPod Express
  • FlexPod Select

Cisco and NetApp support FlexPod through a Cooperative Support Model, receive best in class experience from NetApp, Cisco and our ecosystem partners delivered through collaborative and coordinated support services for your FlexPod integrated infrastructure.

FlexPod benefits from integrated management in the form of Cisco UCS Director. UCS Director supports cohesive, flexible data centers, built on FlexPod, that increase IT and business agility, while reducing operational processes and expenses.

An overview of the FlexPod solution is available through an iPad app.

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FlexPod Cooperative Support Model

Learn how cross-vendor collaboration results in faster issue resolution. (PDF – 352.9KB)

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FlexPod's architectural flexibility is underpinned by a series of Cisco Validated Designs. These guides cover the important areas of the FlexPod infrastructure, applications on FlexPod, and security.

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FlexPod with Infrastructure Automation

Business Agility Through Simplicity (PDF - 381 KB)

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Delivering Ease of Use for ROBO Locations (PDF - 640 KB)

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New FlexPod Solution for ROBO

Simplicity Through Automation (PDF -226 KB)

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Infrastructure Automation

FlexPod with infrastructure automation uses Cisco UCS Mini, NetApp FAS storage, and new capabilities that radically simplify and accelerate the ordering, delivery, and installation of IT infrastructure at remote and branch office locations. Cisco, NetApp, and partners have introduced configurations that come preassembled and fully cabled in a rack, simplifying and reducing the order and delivery process from weeks to days. An easy-to-use management interface initiates the automated configuration by using prevalidated computing, network, and storage templates, delivering a virtualized infrastructure in just minutes.

FlexPod with Infrastructure Automation Installation Guide
FlexPod with Infrastructure Automation Supported by FSA One Frameworks by Avnet (PDF - 55 KB) Adobe PDF file

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