Cisco NAC Guest Server

Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0: Collaborate with Confidence

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The Cisco ® NAC Guest Server 2.0 empowers organizations to fully embrace the growing trend of business collaboration. The Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 provides simple and efficient management of secure guest network access with improved administrative support, enhanced reporting, and integrated billing support.
Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 works with either Cisco NAC Appliance or Cisco wireless LAN controllers to manage the entire lifecycle of guest access, including:

Provisioning: Allows any internal sponsor to create guest accounts

Notification: Provides access details to the guest by print, e-mail, or text message

Management: Makes it easy to modify and suspend accounts

Reporting: Provides full reporting on guest accounts and guest activity

In addition, Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 supports:

• Credit card billing support

• Guest self-service

• New management and reporting capabilities

For instance, an innovative reporting capability added in Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 exceeds general security and audit requirements. By retrieving guest activity information from all networking devices, Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 provides a complete audit report of the entire guest lifecycle, from account creation through detailed guest activities while they were on the network.
For a complete list of the new capabilities introduced in Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0, see
Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 helps organizations to dramatically reduce operational costs commonly associated with supporting corporate visitors. With Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0, customers can fully support guest visits and business collaboration by providing secured guest access, while protecting their own organization's assets, employees, and information. The Secure Guest service delivers the following business benefits:

Fully supports business collaboration. By providing secured guest access, organizations encourage teamwork and partnership without sacrificing security. Organizations that deploy efficient and secure guest access can gain a competitive advantage.

Vastly enhances productivity. Streamlined account provisioning and notification processes help increase both guest usage and the productivity benefits for internal users and their guests.

Significantly reduces operational costs. Cisco NAC Guest Server 2.0 allows trusted employees and authorized guests to create guest accounts quickly and securely. This removes the burden from IT and helpdesk personnel. Enhanced administrative and management capabilities provide comprehensive audit data and reports, which improves operational efficiency.