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Optimize your collaboration technologies

Business needs change faster than technology investments. Evolve your existing capabilities to create powerful collaboration experiences across your organization. There's never been a better time to start. (PDF - 759 KB)

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Evolve capabilities

Evolve capabilities

Improve your existing technologies to meet new demands and fuel new experiences and business outcomes.

Accelerate adoption

Accelerate adoption

Manage change effectively to ramp up usage and optimize your investments.

Streamline operations

Streamline operations

Reduce outages, incidents, and risk with improved functionality and support.

What you get


Expert guidance

Our Collaboration Services experts recommend best practices for maintaining your collaboration solutions, from unified communications and customer care to conferencing, apps, and platforms.


Sustainable infrastructure

Conquer collaboration complexity by making sure all of your deployed technologies work well together. Cloud? On-premises? Hybrid? Doesn’t matter. We'll get them all to integrate. Sustainably.


Issue remediation

Solve recurring problems and unplanned incidents. Keep your collaboration solutions operating at peak performance.


Value-based analysis

Evaluate your solutions through the lens of business value. Tune your technologies to deliver the capabilities the business needs.


Change management

Empower your users to adopt your solutions to optimize your investments. Equip your staff to train employees and run these solutions effectively.


Established frameworks

Our proven advisors have over 30 years of experience putting Cisco collaboration technologies to work. Our experts have the skills, tools, and methodologies to improve outcomes for your organization.



Meet our collaboration experts

Lowell Johnson runs our Collaboration Services fleet of more than 900 collaboration experts.


Connect employees worldwide

Collaboration Optimization Services helped this global company extend its use of video. (PDF - 122 KB)

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Make better collaborative decisions

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