Security Case Study: Erickson Living

Mobility Case Study: Erickson Living

Retirement Group Lowers Security Cost, Complexity

A leader in senior housing adopts Cisco TrustSec technology for new highly secure 1.3-Gbps wireless network


  • Provide highly secure segmented mobile network services to residents
  • Avoid managing 32,000 virtual LANs, which would require a fivefold increase in networking staff


  • Use Cisco TrustSec technology and the Cisco Identity Services Engine to manage access on a high-performance 802.11ac network


  • Simplified network access with a highly secure segmented infrastructure
  • Reduced IT costs through streamlined operations and policy rules
  • Improved resident access to a high-performing network from anywhere on the campus
How can one little IT staff possibly manage a network with over 32,000 VLANs?
- Jay Romero
Technical Services Director