Cisco StadiumVision

Customized Content Throughout Your Venue

A fully deployed Cisco StadiumVision solution includes a video headend and endpoints along with Cisco StadiumVision Director. It also uses the Cisco Connected Stadium solution as the underlying converged network platform.

The video headend of the Cisco StadiumVision solution provides the encoding of terrestrial, satellite, cable, and in-house feeds. It then makes these feeds available as virtual channels to the endpoints distributed throughout the venue.

The Cisco Connected Stadium solution provides a proven, secure and scalable architecture that brings all form of venue communications, operations and entertainment together. This offering is optimized for live video and digital content delivery.

Cisco StadiumVision Director coordinates, manages, and orchestrates interactivity between fans and all areas of the venue. Luxury suites, concourses, clubs and points of sale, such as concessions and merchandise areas are equipped to deliver a unique set of services and applications including:

  • Live streaming video throughout the venue with area channel guides
  • Targeted and coordinated advertisements and sponsor promotions
  • Digital and dynamic multimedia menu boards
  • Directional signage, news feeds, and display control
  • Intergrated luxury suite concessions and merchandise ordering

All of these services can custom tailored, with display-level control, to specific areas of the venue.

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