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Deliver Live Video to Mobile Devices

The Cisco StadiumVision Mobile (SVM) solution uses the multicast capabilities of the Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi network to deliver live, low-delay video to tens of thousands of mobile devices in sports and entertainment venues.

StadiumVision Mobile Solution Diagram

StadiumVision Mobile Solution Diagram

The 5 key components of the SVM solution illustrated in a visual format.

Enlarge Diagram

Features and Capabilities

The SVM solution consists of five key components as shown on the diagram below. The main function of each is as follows:

  • SVM Streamer: Provides reliable delivery of live video and data across Wi-Fi networks
  • SVM Reporter: Measures and reports on the quality of the fan experience
  • SVM Software Development Kit (SDK): Enables rapid development of fan applications
  • SVM Encoder: Encodes H.264 video in a format and rate optimized for small screen and Wi-Fi
  • Connected Stadium Wi-Fi: Provides multicast, high-density Wi-Fi coverage

SVM makes new in-venue experiences available, including:

  • View of alternate camera angles
  • On-demand access to replays
  • Viewing of out-of-town games that are being played at the same time
  • Real-time game statistics and fantasy sports updates
  • Choice of live game commentary, e.g., stadium announcer, home radio broadcast, away team radio broadcast, Spanish or English
  • Trivia contests and multiplayer games

In addition to enhancing the fan experience, SVM opens up new revenue streams for the team, artist, and venue. Potential new revenues streams include:

  • Video commercials inserted into the live event feed
  • Looping replay channel
  • Venuewide branded moment of exclusivity that covers small and big screens

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