Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 6.0

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Flexible Communications, Resilient Management

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager) is the powerful call-processing component of the Cisco Unified Communications Solution. It enhances business productivity and facilitates agility by creating a unified workspace encompassing every combination of applications, devices, networks, and operating systems for up to 30,000 users. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is a scalable, distributable, and highly available enterprise-class IP telephony call-processing system that delivers voice, video, mobility, and presence services to IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP gateways, mobile devices, and multimedia applications.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 6.0 includes the following new features:

  • Provides the call-processing capabilities for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition, a simplified, single-server solution designed for medium-sized businesses
  • Integrates Cisco Unified Mobility into Cisco Unified Communications Manager software, making access to mobility features easier and more cost-effective
  • Supports dual-mode devices, enhancing the productivity of employees who need to move between campus wireless and external cellular network environments
  • Supports the medium-sized business- and retail-friendly, multibutton Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G
  • Supports a new suite of Cisco Unified IP Phones: Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G, 7965G, 7945G, 7962G, and 7942G and the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3911
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