Cisco R Series Racks

Make Your Infrastructure Highly Secure

Today's mission-critical environments require the highest levels of reliability, structural integrity, and security. The Cisco R42610 Rack is the ideal solution for your most important infrastructure issues. This enclosure:

  • Has an innovative design to deliver exceptional power, cooling, and cable management, as well as strength and stability
  • Is optimized and certified for use with the Cisco Unified Computing System and selected Cisco Nexus products
  • Is part of a complete Cisco infrastructure solution, including computing, network, rack, power, and services

The Cisco R42610 Rack conforms to the EIA standard and offers several important features, including:

  • Advanced cooling with more than 80 percent perforation on both the front and rear doors
  • Advanced cable management
  • Added security, with locking front and rear doors and side panels
  • Ability to support 2100 pounds of static load

It provides side-panel space and power distribution unit (PDU) trays for installation of 0RU or 1RU PDUs (including Cisco RP Series Power Distribution Units). Other features that promote easy installation and use include:

  • Joining kits that connect adjacent racks within a row
  • Casters for greater mobility
  • Removable rear cable access bar to speed cable routing
  • U markings for faster hardware installation

This rack enclosure has ideal physical features such as:

  • Stabilizer feet for increased stability
  • Front door that can open from either the right or the left
  • Split rear door to reduce the clearance required
  • Ventilated top panel with optional cutouts for large cables

Cisco R42610 Standard and Expansion racks are ideal for single and multiple-rack UCS installations at customer sites. Cisco R42610 Dynamic racks and supplemental UCS integration hardware from Avnet are required for shipping pre-racked UCS systems. Pre-racking UCS products in a non-Cisco rack will void the UCS warranty.

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