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Get advanced threat defense, advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, insightful reporting, and secure mobility. The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) combines all of these forms of protection and more in a single solution. The WSA also helps to secure and control web traffic, while simplifying deployment and reducing costs.

NSS Labs Rates Sourcefire a Leader

NSS Labs Rates Sourcefire a Leader

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Features and Capabilities


Advanced Threat Defense

The Cisco WSA is powered by Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), our industry-leading threat intelligence organization. Cisco SIO detects and correlates threats in real time using the largest threat detection network in the world. It monitors 100 TB of daily security intelligence, 1.6 million deployed security devices, 13 billion daily web requests, and 35 percent of worldwide email traffic.

The Cisco WSA uses multiple layers of anti-malware technologies and intelligence from SIO updated every three to five minutes. It protects against hidden threats by analyzing every piece of web content accessed by the user, from HTML to images and Flash graphics.

Advanced Malware Protection

The Cisco WSA now includes Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), a malware-defeating solution that takes advantage of Cisco SIO and the vast cloud security intelligence network of Sourcefire (now a part of Cisco).

It delivers protection across the attack continuum—before, during, and after an attack—with malware detection and blocking, continuous analysis, and retrospective alerting. Users can block more attacks, track suspicious files, mitigate the scope of an outbreak, and remediate faster.

Granular Acceptable Use Controls

Our WSA gives businesses complete control over how end users access the Internet. By identifying hundreds of applications and more than 150,000 micro-applications, the WSA helps administrators create policies that match the nuanced business needs of today. Specific features such as chat, messaging, video, and audio can be allowed or blocked, according to the requirements of businesses and users—without the need to block entire websites.

Vital Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Using onboard DLP capabilities, administrators can create content control rules based on context. The Cisco WSA also integrates, using Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP), with DLP solutions from leading vendors. This helps to ensure consistent enforcement of DLP policies and deep content analysis.

Flexible Deployment

Cisco currently delivers the broadest set of web security deployment options in the industry. The Cisco WSA simplifies security with a high-performance, dedicated appliance. The Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAv) helps businesses deploy web security wherever and whenever it's needed.

The WSAv offers all the same features as the WSA, with the added convenience and cost savings of a virtual deployment model. That includes instant self-service provisioning.

Specifications at a Glance

Deployment Users* Model Details
Large Enterprise 6000-12000 Cisco S680 2 octa-core CPUs, 4.8 TB (8 x 600 GB SAS) storage, RAID 10, hot-swappable hard drive
Midsize Office 1500-6000 Cisco S380 1 hexa-core CPU, 2.4 TB (4 x 600 GB SAS) storage, RAID 10, hot-swappable hard drive
Cisco S370 1 quad-core CPU, 1.8 TB (4 x 450 GB SAS) storage, RAID 10, hot-swappable hard drive
Small Business or Branch Office Up to 1500 Cisco S170 1 dual-core CPU, 500 GB (2 x 250 GB SATA) storage, RAID 1, hot-swappable hard drive.

*Confirm sizing guidance with a Cisco content security specialist to help ensure your solution will meet your current and projected needs.

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