Cisco Secure Access Control System

To meet new demands for access control management and compliance, and to support the increasingly complex policies that this requires, your organization needs Cisco Secure Access Control System.

Your enterprise can gain these benefits from Cisco Secure Access Control System:

  • Receive support for two distinct protocols: RADIUS for network access control and TACACS+ for network device access control
  • Use multiple databases concurrently for maximum flexibility in enforcing access policy
  • Enjoy increased power and flexibility for access control policies that may include authentication for various access requirements
  • Get integrated monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting components, accessible through an easy-to-use, web-based GUI

Use Cisco Secure Access Control System to complement your existing infrastructure and enhance visibility and control across the domain. It offers central management of access policies for device administration and for wireless and wired 802.1X network access scenarios.

ACS Infrastructure

ACS Infrastructure

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