Cisco Email Security Appliance

Cisco SenderBase Network

Take control with Cisco SenderBase, the world's largest email and web traffic monitoring network. With data on more than 30 percent of the world's Internet traffic, the Cisco SenderBase Network:

  • Delivers an exceptional real-time view into security threats from around the world
  • Provides comprehensive data to differentiate legitimate senders from spammers and other attackers
  • Gives email administrators visibility into who is sending them email

Cisco Email Security Appliances

Enterprise email security customers use the power of Cisco SenderBase through Cisco Reputation Filters and the SenderBase Reputation Score (SBRS). This score summarizes Cisco SenderBase data into a single method of indicating the threat level for each incoming message.

Early Outbreak Protection

Cisco SenderBase data also powers Cisco Outbreak Filters. This preventive security solution protects customers hours before traditional antivirus vendors publish signatures.

Cisco Web Security Appliances

Enterprise web security customers employ the power of Cisco SenderBase through Cisco Web Reputation Filters and the Web Reputation Score (WBRS). This score summarizes Cisco SenderBase data into a single method of indicating the threat level for each URL.

Up-to-Date Web Protection

Cisco SenderBase data also powers Cisco Exploit Filters and Cisco URL Outbreak Detection. These preventive security services protect you from the latest and most dangerous web threats.

SenderBase Network
Cisco SenderBase Comprises More than 120,000 Contributing Organizations and 5 Billion Daily Queries

How Cisco SenderBase Works

Identify Threats First

Cisco SenderBase collects data on more than 30 percent of the world's email and web traffic. This network data is more than 10 times larger than that of other monitoring systems. The volume provides a statistically significant sample size, resulting in immediate and accurate detection of even low-volume email senders and URLs.

Immense Worldwide Information

A highly diverse group of more than 120,000 organizations contributes information to Cisco SenderBase on a remarkable 5 billion messages per day. These organizations include some of the world's largest networks. The Cisco SenderBase Network gives email administrators exceptional real-time visibility into security threats from around the globe.

Get the Whole Picture

Breadth of data is important in making accurate decisions about security threats. Looking at a narrow set of data can lead to high false-positive rates.

False-Positive Example

As an example, volume is one parameter often considered. High volumes of mail correlate very well with spam, but there are legitimate instances of high volumes, such as senders' delivering breaking news alerts.

More Parameters for More Accuracy

In our example, therefore, if volume alone were the metric, many legitimate mail streams would be blocked. A much more accurate conclusion can be reached when volume is examined along with other parameters, such as:

  • End-user complaint data
  • Zombie characteristics
  • Country of origin

Industry's Most Comprehensive Set of Data

Cisco SenderBase examines the broadest set of data in the industry, currently examining more than 200 different parameters about email and web traffic. Parameters tracked include global sending volume and complaint levels, as well as:

  • Spam trap accounts
  • Country of origin
  • Blacklist information
  • Open proxy status
  • Valid and invalid recipients

Cisco SenderBase also evaluates whether a sender's Domain Name System (DNS) resolves properly and accepts return mail. In addition, it determines:

  • Probability that URLs are appearing as part of a spam or virus attack
  • Use of hijacked IP space

Never before has it been so easy to distinguish safe from dangerous messages in one place.

Require the Highest Data Quality

The Cisco Data Quality Engine:

  • Assesses a given data feed by cross-correlating different data streams with known references or benchmarks
  • Allows SenderBase to access even "dirty" data streams and still derive value by properly weighting the data according to quality
  • Conducts periodic data calibrations and manual spot checks

Find out more about the Cisco SenderBase Network and the Cisco Threat Operations Center.

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