Cisco Email Security Appliance

Cisco IronPort Centralized Management

Simplify the Management of Email Security Appliances

Cisco IronPort Centralized Management makes it simple, safe, and highly secure to manage multi-device installations of Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliances. Small enterprises can help ensure that redundant systems have the same configuration. Large enterprises and service providers can manage machines in disparate data centers or across the globe. Centralized Management customers have found that administration time can be reduced by 50 percent when managing two systems and by more than 90 percent for larger installations.

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Unique Architecture

Three-tier architecture allows unique configurations by machine, group, or for all machines under management. Any setting can be configured at any level, providing flexibility to manage configurations based on network topology or business requirements.

Flexible network technology allows all machines to connect to each other, eliminating the need to have a separate "master" system to push out configurations and the associated risks with creating a single point of failure. Administrators can log into any machine and control every machine under management.


Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol provides authentication, encryption, and integrity to the communications between machines in the network.

Graphical User Interface

The easy-to-use GUI brings clarity to managing multiple machines. Each page shows how settings are configured across all machines under management, and changes to the current mode are simple to make. Centralized Management also fully supports configuration through the command-line interface (CLI).


  • Reduced Administration Time: With Centralized Management, administrators can make a setting change on a single machine and have that change propagate to all machines under management. There is no longer need to write scripts or to manage multiple XML configuration files. Once committed, configuration changes take effect across all machines within seconds, reducing the amount of time that configuration deltas are present within the network.
  • No Configuration Surprises: Multiple machines often have non-uniform configurations. These discrepancies can have undesired consequences and take hours to discover and correct. With Centralized Management, the administrator gains visibility into how all systems under management are configured.
  • Make Changes with Confidence: Making changes that affect multiple machines can be a tense job. Centralized Management allows administrators to make changes on a single machine, test the configuration until satisfied, and then propagate the change to all machines under management.
  • Easier Management Without Additional Hardware: Other email security appliance solutions require customers to purchase additional hardware to manage multiple systems. Cisco IronPort's solution -- powered by the unique AsyncOS operating system, which allows the system to process email far more efficiently than traditional systems -- does not require additional power, cooling, or rack space.
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