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Cisco Sophos Anti-Virus Technology

Protect Your Network Perimeter from Numerous Virus Threats

The scale and complexity of recent virus attacks have highlighted the importance of a comprehensive, highly secure messaging platform to protect your network perimeter. The traditional approach of identifying and blocking known viruses is no longer enough.

Fight Evolving Threats Effectively

Antivirus engines are straining to adequately protect customer networks from increasing virus attacks that:

  • Are more complex
  • Morph more quickly
  • Spread faster

With the increased damage that complex viruses cause, the cleanup costs for infected PCs continue to rise.

To fight this evolving threat, Cisco offers the most comprehensive multiscan, multivendor antivirus solution with:

  • Cisco Outbreak Filters, a critical first layer of preventive defense against new outbreaks
  • Integrated Sophos antivirus engine to help enable traditional virus detection methods

The combination of proprietary Cisco technology and virus filtering from Sophos provides exceptional virus security without compromising scalability. Cisco Outbreak Filters detect and stop viruses before any other technology can. Integration with the Sophos antivirus engine helps ensure protection against even the most complex virus attacks.

Get Integrated Virus Protection

Sophos antivirus technology offers industry-leading, high-performance virus scanning. This technology provides a fully integrated layer of virus protection on the Cisco email security appliances.

Deploy Multiple Virus Detection Methods

During the scanning process, the Sophos antivirus engine:

  1. Analyzes each incoming message and file
  2. Identifies the type
  3. Applies the relevant technique to help ensure high throughput and efficacy

The Sophos antivirus engine employs multiple detection methods, such as:

  • Pattern matching
  • Emulation technology
  • Advanced heuristic techniques

Pattern Matching

Pattern matching can identify a virus by a specific code sequence or for code sequences known to be present within a virus. Patterns are consequently created to help ensure that the engine catches not only the original virus but also derivatives within the same virus family.

Emulation Technology

Included are emulation technology to detect polymorphic viruses and an online decompressor to scan multilayer attachments. The comprehensive engine supports multiple scanning modes to optimize performance.

Advanced Heuristic Techniques

The engine uses advanced heuristic techniques based on behavioral genotype protection. These techniques help ensure that variants of viruses are caught with minimal information available about virus code patterns.

Deploy Superior Virus Handling

Multiple Administrator Options

Administrators have many options in handling virus-infected messages. As viruses evolve, new strains of attacks try to bypass antivirus protection by concealing viruses within password-protected files or malformed messages. The Cisco solution detects potentially dangerous messages, giving administrators full control over how the system handles these messages.

Integrated Virus Quarantine

The fully integrated virus quarantine provides additional options to help you determine which actions to take on viral messages, along with end-user notification options.

Exceptional Performance

The exceptional performance of Cisco Email Security Appliances:

  • Protects your email infrastructure from being overwhelmed by large-scale virus outbreaks
  • Helps ensure that your mission-critical email will continue to be accepted

Get a Gateway and Preventive Anti-Virus Solution

This Cisco solution is an innovative signature-based gateway antivirus solution integrated with a preventive antivirus solution.

Prevention and Protection

Cisco Outbreak Filters provide prevention and protection. During any virus outbreak, there is a period of time between virus detection and deployment of the actual antivirus identity file. During this period, administrators can use Cisco Outbreak Filters technology to:

  • Identify and quarantine viruses based on known patterns
  • Delete or archive the messages until new identity files can be updated

This innovative, preventive antivirus solution is fully integrated with the Sophos antivirus engine. It can rescan messages automatically when there are new signature updates during an outbreak.

Cisco and Sophos: Better Together

Cisco combines Sophos antivirus technology with Cisco Outbreak Filters. This combination improves virus prevention and protection, while maintaining near-zero false-positive rates.

High Efficacy

Sophos is widely regarded within the industry as having the fastest-performing and most accurate virus scanner available. Sophos Anti-Virus has won 37 Virus Bulletin 100 percent awards, confirming its position as one of the most powerful and accurate virus protection products available.

Virus Bulletin tested 16 different antivirus products for:

  • Detection rates
  • Lack of false alarms
  • Speed of scanning

Sophos successfully detected all the "in-the-wild," macro, and polymorphic viruses (100 percent detection rate) with no false alarms.

Lower Costs with an Integrated Gateway Solution

Using integrated management and deployment within the appliances, the Cisco solution can address any customer-specific requirements and offers ease of management with:

  • Automatic updates
  • "Set-and-forget" policies

Additionally, performing virus filtering at the gateway significantly reduces the resources needed at the groupware servers and the bandwidth requirements within the network.

Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 1: Flexible and Intuitive Interface for Ease of Management

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