Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

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Increase Control of Global Facilities

Centrally manage your geographically dispersed buildings over the IP network with the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager. This product helps you increase visibility and control of global facilities.

Integrate Building Systems for Easy Management

For each building or site that you manage, use one or more Cisco Network Building Mediators to integrate all the building systems. Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager connects, monitors, aggregates, and manages this distributed network of Mediators.

View Facilities Globally and Locally

With the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager, you can observe facilities from a larger global perspective down to a more detailed local site view. This product also offers:

  • Global navigator for enterprise-wide visibility of facility operations
  • Global alarm-monitoring portal to help redirect or route alarms to work-flow management systems
  • Global and unified schedules that apply across all facilities and across all subsystems
  • Site view with graphical equipment status pages for critical systems like HVAC, lighting, and metering
  • Secure connectivity and centralized control of remote sites

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