Cisco ONS 15900 Wavelength Router

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The Cisco ONS 15900 series Wavelength Router architecture intelligently networks the point-to-point long-haul optical pipes created by dense wave-division multiplexing (DWDM). Wavelength routers interconnect IP routers and switches across an optical transport network, providing fast provisioning and restoration of end-to-end paths. Service providers can traffic engineer and rapidly scale up survivable mesh optical cores without introducing intermediate ATM switches or proliferating legacy SONET multiplexers and cross-connects. Scalable in service to beyond 160 terabits per second of nonblocking service-port capacity, the Wavelength Router creates a highly efficient optical core network that allows instant provisioning and 50-millisecond restoration of end-to-end paths across the network. In contrast to SONET transport products, which are designed to multiplex traffic at SONET time-division multiplexing (TDM) granularities, the Wavelength Router is optimized as a very fast and reliable optical transport platform for traffic at wavelength granularities (OC-48 and OC-192).

For a given bandwidth service, Wavelength Routing Protocol (WaRP) lets providers specify levels of activation, availability, latency, and restoration. These service-creation primitives can be mixed and matched to provide distinct multigigabit bandwidth service offerings, from highly critical voice, interactive video, and data to bulk transport applications.

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