Cisco ONS 15190 IP Transport Concentrator

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The Cisco ONS 15190 series is a high performance IP transport management platform offering Internet service providers and greenfield IP operators carrier-class IP transport services within the point of presence (PoP), regional metro, and metro access rings. Designed with support for OC-12/STM-4 and OC-48/STM-16, the Cisco ONS15190 is a superior scaling and management solution for RPR and POS networks, and is also a central management point.

As a complement to Cisco's Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT) line of RPR products, the Cisco ONS15190 enables the creation of logical rings over physical star-based fiber topology for maximum performance and reliability. With reordering, insertion, or removal of nodes on live rings without service interruption, as well as automatic detection and connection of nodes, the Cisco ONS 15190 is in a position to best optimize the available ring bandwidth, deploy RPR/DPT rings, and protect against human errors.

The 9-RU, carrier-class chassis offers power, CPU, switch, and cooling system redundancy. Supporting the unique Cisco single ring recovery (SRR) protocol, the ONS15190 allows dual-homing nodes on the ring to two separate ONS 15190 units to gain chassis level redundancy as well as better ring reliability. In POS mesh environments, the Cisco ONS 15190 offers the APS redundancy scheme.

The Cisco ONS 15190 also minimizes network troubleshooting efforts and downtime by monitoring the quality of the optical signal, the SONET/SDH frames and alarms.

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