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End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Products

These products have reached end-of-life status, which means they are no longer orderable from Cisco and may be no longer supported directly by Cisco. If the product category and series you are looking for is not visible on this page, then the product has not reached end-of-life status and can be found in Product Support. Learn more about Cisco's end-of-life policy.
Cloud and Systems Management

Collaboration Endpoints

Tandberg 8000 Classic

Tandberg 8000 MXP Series

Tandberg 7000 MXP Dual

Tandberg 6000 Classic Codec

Tandberg 6000 Dual

Tandberg 6000 MXP Base Trolley

Tandberg 6000 MXP Profile 50

Tandberg 6000 MXP Profile 43

Tandberg 6000 MXP for Kaiser

Tandberg 6000 Portable

Tandberg 3000 MXP

Tandberg 3000 MXP Dual

Tandberg 3000 MXP Profile 42 v35

Tandberg 3000 MXP Profile 32

Tandberg 3000 MXP with 50 inch Plasma

Tandberg 3000 NSW

Tandberg 3000 Profile 42/43

Tandberg 2000 MXP

Tandberg 1500 MXP

Tandberg 1000 MXP SCCP

Tandberg 880/990 V35 MXP Series

Tandberg 770/880/990 Classic

Tandberg 770/880/990 MXP Series

Tandberg 550 MXP

Tandberg 150 MXP

Tandberg 3G Gateway

Tandberg A/V Cart

Tandberg A/V Cart w DVD/VCR

Tandberg ASES HD with Podium

Tandberg Audio Science Ceiling Mic

Tandberg Border Controller

Tandberg Cart 42/50

Tandberg Classic 7000

Tandberg Classic 6000 32

Tandberg Classic 2500

Tandberg Classic 2500 27/27D

Tandberg Classic 2500 Portable

Tandberg Classic 1000

Tandberg Classic 550

Tandberg Codec 3000 V35

Tandberg Codec 2500 China

Tandberg Codian MSE 8310

Tandberg Collaborator MXP

Tandberg Collier Educator MXP

Tandberg Compass/Utility MXP

Tandberg Content Server

Tandberg Custom Integrator

Tandberg DVD/VCR Player

Tandberg Director

Tandberg Edge 85 MXP

Tandberg Educator

Tandberg Educator HD Series

Tandberg Educator MXP

Tandberg Educator MXP Integrator Pack

Tandberg Educator MXP Integrator Podium

Tandberg Entrypoint

Tandberg FieldView

Tandberg Flatscreen 32/42 Kit

Tandberg GSN MXP

Tandberg Gatekeeper

Tandberg Gateway

Tandberg InTouch EX Rev 1

Tandberg Intern

Tandberg Intern II

Tandberg Justice 3000 MXP

Tandberg LCD Cart 32

Tandberg LCD Speaker Cart

Tandberg Legacy Misc

Tandberg MCU

Tandberg MCU 4500 Series - non-A Version

Tandberg MCU 4200 Series - non-A Version

Tandberg Maestro HD

Tandberg Maestro Professional

Tandberg MediaPlace

Tandberg MediaPlus

Tandberg Mobile Boardroom for UN

Tandberg Movi Enterprise Bundle

Tandberg Movi Server version 1.x

Tandberg NMCI 880 MXP 32 inch

Tandberg Navajo Nation 3000 MXP

Tandberg Podium

Tandberg Podium Educator

Tandberg Portable 6000 MXP

Tandberg Portable 3000 MXP

Tandberg Presenter

Tandberg Professional Package

Tandberg Profile 42 inch with C60

Tandberg Rover

Tandberg Scholar

Tandberg See&Share

Tandberg Set-top with 50 inch Plasma

Tandberg Stereo Audio Kit

Tandberg T1 Original

Tandberg Tactical II

Tandberg Tactical MXP

Tandberg Telepresence T3 Original with 22 inch Monitors

Tandberg Telepresence T1

Tandberg TouchNTalk Microphone

Tandberg Tutor

Tandberg Video Portal

Tandberg WAVE Cameras