Cisco TelePresence Conductor

Simple Natural Conferencing

Cisco TelePresence Conductor can enable simple, reliable, and efficient multiparty conferencing. It orchestrates the allocation of conferencing resources to every user in a meeting. This way, as many people as possible can join, and that they get the best possible experience for their device and location.

Video Data Sheet

Video Data Sheet

Simplify multiparty video conferences with Cisco TelePresence Conductor. (2:25 min)

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco TelePresence Conductor has knowledge of all available conferencing resources and their capabilities. It helps ensure intelligent conference placement and optimum resource utilization, and delivers powerful, comprehensive administrative control, making simple natural conferencing a reality.

Cisco TelePresence Conductor:

  • Supports Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco Multipoint Control Units (MCUs)
  • Efficiently scales from small businesses to enterprises, supporting expansion as utilization increases
  • Facilitates service differentiation, allowing administrators to define specific classes of service for different conference attendees

Cisco TelePresence Conductor helps to ensure that the user experience is always consistent irrespective of user, meeting type, or endpoint. Administrators can implement the Cisco TelePresence Conductor as either an appliance or a virtualized application to meet the needs of their organizations.

Specifications at a Glance

Cisco TelePresence Conductors may be clustered together to provide resilience and promote maximum service availability. Taking a Conductor unit out of service will not impact service availability. Cisco TelePresence Conductor will dynamically select the most appropriate Cisco TelePresence resources for each new conference.

Cisco TelePresence Conductor supports spontaneous or scheduled conferences, promoting a user experience that is always consistent for each user, meeting type, or endpoint. Administrators can deploy the Cisco TelePresence Conductor as either an appliance or a virtualized application depending on the needs of their organizations.

Cisco Pervasive Conferencing

Cisco Pervasive Conferencing

Deliver more efficient multiparty meetings.

Personal Multiparty Licensing Now Available in Cisco Unified Workshop Licenses Pro

Flexible consumption models let you select the conferencing solution that best meets your needs. New Personal Multiparty user-based licensing models for Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco TelePresence Conductor are available as part of Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing, supporting employee collaboration throughout your organization. With Personal Multiparty, you can:

  • Easily extend your Unified Communications Manager deployment
  • Host multiparty meetings, including video, audio, and content sharing, with up to three additional parties
  • Take advantage of standard licensing models that provide cost-effective options for larger meeting deployments
  • Extend and flex your deployment as your organizational needs evolve

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