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Cisco Identity Services Engine Licensing Application Note

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Creating New Licenses

Beginning with the release of the Identity Services Engine (ISE) Software Release 1.2*, customers will have a new option to configure ISE licensing. This new enhancement improves the flexibility and resiliency of an ISE deployment.

Prior to ISE Release 1.2*, customers could only specify ISE licenses to be registered to a single ISE Administration Node (i.e., the Primary Administration Node). Now, ISE Release 1.2* delivers the capability to register ISE licenses to two Administration Nodes (i.e., Primary and Secondary* Administration Nodes). The registration of an ISE license to the Primary Administration Node remains mandatory, but the option* to register a Secondary Administrative Node is available.

The assignment of an ISE license to a Primary and Secondary (optional*) Administration Node is accomplished during the PAK (Product Activation Key) registration process. First, go to the Cisco License Administration Portal and enter the PAK number. The PAK registration page will appear where you can enter the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) information for the Primary Node (mandatory) and Secondary Node (optional*). Continue to enter the other required information.

Upon completion of this PAK registration process, a license file is emailed to the designated recipient. This license file can be uploaded to both Primary and Secondary* Nodes.

Modifying Existing ISE Licenses

Additionally, ISE customers can modify their existing licenses by accessing the Cisco License Administration Portal and select the Rehosting feature. Rehosting allows the customer to reassign an existing ISE license to another ISE appliance, acting as a Primary and/or Secondary* Node. Customers can use the rehosting feature to modify their existing ISE license (registered to a single node) to be supported on Primary and Secondary* ISE Administration Nodes or just a new Primary node. The license term is not changed when rehosted.

* Estimated availability in 3rd Quarter of CY2013.