Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers

Ordering Cisco 1861 Series Integrated Services Routers Software Spare Images

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This bulletin provides details on the process for ordering software spare images for the Cisco 1861 Series Integrated Services Router. Table 1 provides the software spare product ID numbers that can be ordered. After selecting product ID listed in Table 1, customers may choose from one of the images available on the platform. Only one image may be selected for each CD-ROM.

Table 1. New Software Spare Product IDs

Product IDs

Product Description


Cisco 186X Series Software Spare CD

The following is an example of how to order the 186-SW-SPARECD. Pricing for the spare software images will remain the same on all Cisco 1861 Integrated Services Routers.

Figure 1. Cisco Configuration Tool

Ordering Cisco Spare CD Software Images

• From the configuration tool, select the 186-SW-SPARECD (see Figure 1 above).

• From the options tab, select one of the images listed (see Figure 2 below).

Figure 2. Software Image Selection in the Cisco Configuration Tool


Q. What is "spare software" or "a software spare" on the Cisco 1861 Series integrated services routers? When do I need to order one?
A. Spare software includes a copy of Cisco IOS Software on a CD-ROM, and most important, a license to use that software.

Spare software is required when a customer wants a new version of Cisco IOS Software and does not have a current maintenance agreement or when they have purchased used Cisco 1861 series products. Software licenses are not transferable from owner to owner.

Q. What is the difference between the CD feature packs and the configurable CDs?
A. In the Cisco CD feature packs, a Cisco IOS Software spare part CD-ROM includes a number of current releases of a particular feature set. These CD-ROMs are referred to as a Cisco IOS Software Feature Pack and currently exist for a number of feature sets. Customers need only to specify a platform and feature set when ordering a Cisco IOS Software Feature Pack. It is not necessary to specify a particular release.

Cisco IOS Software Feature Pack contents are with every release and include the latest three maintenance releases from all open mainline release trains as well the three latest maintenance releases from the current T-train (where applicable) and four of the latest special IOS releases (where applicable).

For more information about Cisco IOS Software Feature Packs, read Product Bulletin 2352 for the Cisco 1700 and Cisco 1800 series.

In summary, the configurable CD contains one release of any specified image whereas a CD IOS Software feature pack for a feature set contains a number of releases for one particular feature set.

The Cisco IOS Software Feature Packs are ideal for channel partners that require an inventory of the latest releases to deploy immediately without waiting for individual made-to-order CDs to arrive. The configurable CDs are ideal for direct customers who order the products not configured by Cisco but who wish to configure the Cisco IOS Software image themselves at a later time.

Q. Does this change the pricing of spare software?
A. No. Although the pricing is allocated differently across the software spare product code and the software image itself, there is no change in the resulting price.
For more information, contact your Cisco account representative or reseller.