Cisco 10000 Series Routers

Cisco IOS Software For The Cisco 10000 Series Router Support And Migration Paths

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Product Bulletin, No. 2010

This product bulletin describes the bug fixes, feature support, and migration paths for Cisco IOS® Software for the Cisco® 10000 Series routers.

New features have been introduced for the Cisco 10000 Series routers on the 12.3(7)XI train. This document outlines the migration path for support for the features on 12.3(3)7XI. This support or migration path is where customers will find future support for bug fixes and new features.

Effective October 1, 2005, Cisco Systems® will no longer support the 7XI variant releases outlined in Table 1. Customers must migrate to 12.3(7)XI6 or later to resolve any open caveats or enable any new features.

Affected Releases

Table 1 lists Cisco IOS Software releases for the Cisco 10000 Series routers and the migration path where future support can be found.

Table 1. Cisco IOS Software 12.3(7)XI Releases and Migration Paths

XI Release

Migration Path


12.3(7)XI6 or later

12.3(7)XI2 (a)

12.3(7)XI6 or later

12.3(7)XI3 (a)

12.3(7)XI6 or later


12.3(7)XI6 or later


12.3(7)XI6 or later

Related Documentation

For more detailed information about the affected releases, please reference the following documents:

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