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Last updated: March 2009


Cisco updates Cisco IOS Software Center on an ongoing basis to remove obsolete releases, making it easier for customers to find the right software releases with the latest functionality and most recent fixes.

• All current releases and selected end of life releases will remain on the Cisco IOS Software Center.

• Obsolete releases are posted in the Software Table before releases are removed from the Cisco Software Center.

• Customers should maintain a library (archive) of their software. In most cases, customers will not need to migrate from their current releases.

• Support policies for releases, including those removed from Cisco IOS Software Center, continues unchanged.

• As always, customers should check to see if a release in their network is deferred and take appropriate action.

Release Management

Cisco Systems ® and Cisco ® channel partners can help customers implement the following release management best practices:

1. Develop and implement a release migration plan. As part of your plan, profile your network. Keep the plan and the profile up to date.

2. Minimize the number of releases in your network, when possible, to gain operational, availability, and reliability benefits.

3. Keep releases current with the latest functionality, fixes, and security protection.

4. Maintain an archive copy of each licensed image you are running in your network.

5. Manage network software as part of your normal business processes that you use to manage desktop and server software.

These important steps will contribute to operational simplification.

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