Affordable, full-featured VoIP collaboration

Enjoy reliable, full-featured, secure VoIP. Deploy 7800 Series IP phones whether your platform is On-premises and hosted support available fall 2017, in Cisco Spark cloud, or from a third-party, pre-approved Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider*. With these cost-effective IP phones, increase your business call efficiency and productivity while reducing IT operating costs.

Concerned about IP Phone Security?

Concerned about IP Phone Security?

Learn how Cisco secures collaborating with the 7800 Series.

Features and Capabilities

The cost-effective Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series is ideal for small to large enterprises seeking high-quality, full-featured VoIP communications.

The 7800 Series is well suited to customers who use traditional analog or digital phones and wish to advance to IP phones. These phones can be deployed whether your platform is on premises, hosted, or in the Cisco Spark cloud.

These endpoints are also a good solution if you would like to expand your existing Cisco voice communications desktop investment.

The 7800 Series comes with preloaded multiplatform phone software (i.e., firmware). That means these phones can also be deployed if you have made or are considering investment in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms from third-party providers pre-approved by Cisco.

Enhanced user experience for collaboration

Key features and capabilities that promote a superior user experience include:

  • Single, multiline models for desktops and an endpoint for small conference rooms
  • Backlit, pixel-based displays with soft keys
  • Fixed keys for conferencing, messaging, directory, and two-way navigation ease of use
  • Wideband audio and full-duplex communications for crystal-clear voice
  • Electronic hook-switch control to more easily manage personal calls on most models

Simple, cost-effective administration

The IP Phone 7800 Series is easy to deploy and manage, with features such as:

  • Flexible deployment options for on-premises, hosted, and cloud with Cisco Spark, along with Cisco pre-approved third-party UCaaS providers*
  • Low power consumption and Cisco EnergyWise to reduce energy costs
  • Integrated IEEE switches to reduce installation costs and desktop clutter
  • Cisco Expressway for remote-worker single sign-on access without a VPN client

Contact your authorized Cisco representative for details on IP Phone 7800 Series models, supported as multiplatform phones, on Cisco-approved third-party UCaaS offerings.

Specifications at a Glance

  IP Phone 7811 IP Phone 7821 IP Conference Phone 7832 IP Phone 7841 IP Phone 7861
Screen 384 x 106 pixel (3.28 in. / 83.3 mm) monochrome 396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm) backlit greyscale 384 x 128 pixel (3.4 in. / 88mm) backlit monochrome 396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm) backlit greyscale 396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm) backlit greyscale
Ethernet switch 10/100 10/100 No 10/100/1000 10/100
Programmable line keys 0 2 0 4 16
Full duplex speakerphone Yes (narrowband) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wideband audio Optional* Yes Yes Yes Yes
PoE class/Cisco EnergyWise 1/Yes 1/Yes 2/No 1/Yes 1/Yes
Multiplatform support Yes Yes No Yes Yes

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* IP Phone 7811 offers wideband audio with purchase of a wideband handset.


Using the 7800 Series IP Phone

Learn the features and functionality of your 7800 Series phone. (22.47 min)


Pick the Right Collaboration Tool

Improve team performance and IT investment value with Cisco IP Phones (PDF - 4 MB)

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