Cisco Voice Routing Center

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The Cisco Voice Routing Center (VRC) was is a graphical tool for designing, configuring, and managing dial plans in Cisco voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks. The Cisco VRC centralizes and coordinates call routing configuration of up to 3000 Cisco H.323 VoIP gateways and gatekeepers in a single application. The Cisco VRC:

  • Cuts the time required to configure and maintain a VoIP network
  • Does not require any familiarity with the Cisco IOS® command-line interface
  • Can discover the configuration in your existing VoIP network and help you redesign it
  • Automates the process of implementing wholesale changes in network-wide dial-plan design
  • Helps design and verify your dial plan to avoid network configuration errors
  • Can help you apply more of the rich feature set in Cisco IOS Software to meet your business needs

The Cisco VRC is a Java-based server application that runs under Solaris, supporting up to 50 Internet Explorer clients.

The Cisco VRC aids in building and managing any Cisco H.323 VoIP network, implemented for toll bypass between private branch exchanges (PBXs) at different offices in an enterprise private voice network, or for national or international long distance in the Cisco Voice Infrastructure and Applications (VIA) solution.

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