Network Management for Mobile Wireless

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CiscoWorks for Mobile Wireless is a suite of EMS applications that enhances the delivery of new mobile wireless services. It is based on CiscoWorks and will address the element management requirements of Mobile Operators and provide FCAPS functionality as mobile operators transition their service delivery networks from 2G circuit-based traffic to 2.5G and 3G IP-based services.

The CiscoWorks for Mobile Wireless Bundle is comprised of the following:

Cisco LAN Management Solution:
The Cisco LAN Management Solution is part of the CiscoWorks bundle. It provides operationally focused applications for configuration, fault monitoring, and troubleshooting campus networks.

Cisco Routed WAN Management Solution:
The Cisco Routed WAN Management Solution extends the CiscoWorks product family, providing a collection of powerful enterprise management applications to configure, administer, monitor, and troubleshoot routed wide-area networks.

Cisco Access Point Name Manager (APN Manager):
The Cisco APN Manager provides carrier-class, flow-through provisioning of APNs within the GPRS Support Node complex to support centralized packet data network access. It provides a CORBA interface to view and configure the APNs and Domain Name System resource records from a network management system and third-party provisioning Operations Support Systems.

Cisco Mobile Wireless Fault Mediator (MWFM):
The Cisco MWFM is a Telco-grade fault solution that provides intelligent device discovery, alarm filtering, and correlation of the PDSN and GGSN and their neighboring Catalyst switches.

Key Benefits
  • Reduces time to deployment
  • Eases management of IP mobile wireless networks
  • Provide open interfaces for integration with legacy systems
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