Cisco IP Solution Center Traffic Engineering Management

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Streamlining MPLS Network Management

NOTE: This component is a part of the Cisco IP Solution Center and the license key is required to enable this feature. Please check the Cisco IP Solution Center Datasheet for the license options.

An integral part of the Cisco IP Solution Center family of intelligent network management applications, the Cisco IP/MPLS Traffic Engineering Management is a Web-based, graphical application that simplifies visualization, configuration, and management of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-Traffic Engineering tunnels on a network.

Cisco IP/MPLS Traffic Engineering Management integrates the configuration of Cisco MPLS-Traffic Engineering features (such as Autoroute Announce, Auto-Bandwidth, DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering, and Fast Reroute) into a single management tool. It also provides the functionality to compute and configure primary tunnels to meet user-specified constraints, and to compute Fast Reroute bypass tunnels for network element protection (node, links or shared risk link groups) assuring bandwidth availability during normal and element failure conditions.

Cisco IP/MPLS Traffic Engineering Management discovers MPLS-Traffic Engineering information from the network and provides:

  • Topology visualization
  • Optimization, visualization and editing of primary and FRR bypass tunnels
  • Auditing of protection status of network against element failures
  • Auditing of current layout of primary tunnels
  • Carrier-class provisioning of primary and backup tunnels
  • Support of Cisco devices in multivendor networks

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