Cisco Intercloud Fabric

Make the Most of Hybrid Cloud

With Cisco Intercloud Fabric, your business can build highly secure hybrid clouds and extend your existing data center to public clouds as needed, on demand, and with consistent network and security policies.

Cloud providers, you can offer a complete hybrid cloud solution. Differentiate your offering as a premium service and provide a robust set of cloud deployment options.

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Video Data Sheet

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Build Highly Secure Hybrid Clouds

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco Intercloud Fabric is a highly secure, open, and flexible solution that gives you complete freedom in workload placement, based on business needs. It applies the same network security, quality of service (QoS), and access control policies in public clouds that you enforce in the data center. And as capacity is added, there is no demarcation between internal and external clouds.

Key features include:

  • Self-service consumption of hybrid resources with end-user and IT portals
  • Workload provisioning and bidirectional migration
  • End-to-end security with consistent policy enforcement
  • A single point of management and control for physical and virtual workloads
  • A choice of cloud providers and hypervisors

Workload Mobility

Get the freedom to create workloads in public clouds and to migrate workloads across heterogeneous private and public clouds. The Intercloud Fabric includes automated image conversion to your desired cloud format.


Layer 2 network extension from private to public clouds helps ensure application transparency. Gain switching, routing, firewall, and Network Address Translation (NAT) capabilities.

End-to-End Security

Get highly secure cryptographic connectivity from private to public clouds and security for data in motion within public clouds. Also, get zoning capability for workloads within public clouds.

Management and Visibility

Gain VM monitoring across public and private clouds and automated VM migration across heterogeneous clouds.

Automation and APIs

Use programmable APIs to manage VM lifecycles, and automatically create your workload catalogs.

Product Offerings

Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business

This product is deployed on premises and allows connectivity to a large ecosystem of cloud providers to enable hybrid cloud deployments for enterprises. Product components include:

  • Intercloud Fabric Director provides an end-user and an IT admin portal for lifecycle management of physical, virtual, and cloud workloads.
  • Intercloud Fabric Secure Extender creates highly secure connectivity across multiple clouds. It helps ensure highly secure workload migration by maintaining all network and security policies specific to that workload.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Provider

This product is ideal for service providers that want to provide a hybrid cloud deployment model and become part of the Intercloud Fabric ecosystem. This software is installed on the provider cloud and integrates with service provider infrastructure. Its product component is:

  • Intercloud Fabric Provider Platform is a virtual appliance that is deployed and managed by cloud providers. Providers can quickly offer hybrid clouds without building or adding your own API. It helps onboard workloads from the enterprise to the provider's cloud.

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