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The Cisco Extensible Network Controller (XNC) is the first commercial version of the OpenDaylight controller. Continuing Cisco's commitment to open networking, Cisco XNC 1.5 offers programmability support for new network devices.

With Cisco XNC, you gain more control as you make the network application-aware. The programmatic access to the network helps to automate network behavior, so the network responds faster to changing business and application needs.

Extensible Network Controller 1.5

Extensible Network Controller 1.5

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Cisco XNC Developer Network

Cisco XNC Developer Network

Build programmable networks for business functions.

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco XNC and Cisco XNC applications offer customers a low-risk, blueprint approach to introducing software-defined networking (SDN) into their environments. Using a centralized controller along with the local control plane provides a highly secure, scalable, and resilient deployment model.

Cisco XNC features include:

  • An extensible, open, and modular architecture based on OpenDaylight
  • Multiprotocol support using OpenFlow and Cisco's One Platform Kit (onePK)
  • Highly secure communication using HTTPS and Transport Layer Security
  • Cluster-based active-active deployment support for high-availability and scalability

The benefits of Cisco XNC and Cisco XNC applications include:

  • Extensibility of Cisco XNC functions using Java or Python and the ability to support multiple protocols for device communication
  • Consistent management access through the GUI or through Java OSGi or representational state transfer (REST) northbound APIs
  • Network end-to-end forwarding rules programming, plus flow-level visibility for statistics and troubleshooting

In addition to providing all the advanced features that the market expects of an SDN controller, the Cisco XNC 1.5 software release provides many unique features that improve control of the network.

Cisco XNC 1.5 features include:

  • GUI enhancements to better manage flow rules
  • Cisco onePK plugin for programming device functions
  • Automation of the link-layer packet flows across point-to-point ports on a switch
  • Monitor Manager advancements that support QinQ
  • Monitor Manager Embedded - Enabling single-switch deployment for network traffic monitoring solution

Cisco XNC applications include:

Monitor Manager

Monitor Manager provides traffic visibility for troubleshooting, analysis, reporting, and archiving using a centralized, policy-focused approach.

Topology-Independent Forwarding

Explore the use of application-aware network forwarding functions with the Topology-Independent Forwarding (TIF) module. TIF extends beyond traditional routing concepts and can use metrics to create a forwarding path end to end. These metrics include nonconventional ones like bandwidth, currency (dollar cost), and other custom properties.

Network Slicing

With Cisco XNC and network slicing, users can partition the network according to physical and logical criteria for multiple user communities. Slicing provides the logical separation required to manage network traffic domains extending beyond VLANs.

Virtual Patch Panel

Automate port interconnections within a switch or across a network without have to make physical rewiring.

Controller and Application Product Packaging

Cisco XNC and Cisco XNC applications are available as standalone products and in bundles. The Monitor Manager, TIF, network slicing, the virtual patch panel, and other individual applications require the Cisco XNC controller as a base module.

Monitor Manager Embedded

Monitor Manager Embedded

Pursue single switch deployments of Monitor Manager on Nexus 3000/3100 switches.

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Extend Traditional Routing

Extend Traditional Routing

Make your network application-aware with Cisco Topology-Independent Forwarding.

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Improve Business Agility

Improve Business Agility

Cisco XNC offers a cost-effective approach to traffic monitoring. (3:02 min)

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