CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 3.2 and earlier

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Simplify LAN Management

CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS) is a suite of powerful management tools that simplify the configuration, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco networks. It integrates these capabilities into a best-in-class solution for:

  • Improving the accuracy and efficiency of the network operations staff
  • Increasing the overall availability of the network by simplifying configuration and quickly identifying and fixing network problems
  • Maximizing network security through integration with access control services and audit of network-level changes

CiscoWorks LMS 4.0 is now available. Click here for more information.

CiscoWorks LMS provides:

  • A centralized system for sharing device information across all LAN management applications, improving manageability, and increasing systemwide awareness of network changes
  • Network discovery, topology views, end-station tracking, and VLAN management
  • Real-time network fault analysis with easy-to-deploy, device-specific, best-practice templates
  • Hardware and software inventory management, centralized configuration tools, and syslog monitoring
  • Monitoring and tracking of network response time and availability
  • Real-time device and link management, as well as port traffic management, analysis, and reporting
  • A flexible Web portal for launching and navigating network management functionality
  • A workflow engine that provides step-by-step wizards for system setup and device troubleshooting
  • Support for network virtualization through configuration, reporting, monitoring and troubleshooting for VRFLite networks

Featured Components

The following components are part of the Cisco LMS Solution Bundle and cannot be purchased separately.

CiscoWorks Device Fault Manager
Provides real-time detailed detection, analysis, and reporting of device faults; often identifies problems before users realize they exist.

CiscoWorks Campus Manager
Configures, manages, and visualizes complex physical and logical Layer 2 infrastructures, user tracking, VLAN management and configuration, network discrepancies, best practices and topology mapping.

CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials
Provides network inventory, device configurations and changes, as well as software updates, along with syslog analysis.

CiscoWorks Internetwork Performance Monitor
Offers proactive measurement of network response time and availability as well as real-time and historical analysis of congestion and latency problems.

CiscoWorks CiscoView
Front-panel graphical displays of Cisco devices simplify user interaction with device components to change configuration parameters and monitor statistics.

CiscoWorks Common Services
Provides common model for data storage, login, user role definitions, access privileges, and security protocols, as well as navigation and launch management.

CiscoWorks Health and Utilization Monitor
Monitors network elements (such as CPU, memory, interfaces/ports, and links) for their availability and utilization levels and provides historical reporting through a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) based MIB polling application.

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