CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Software

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Centrally Manage Network Operations

CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Software is a Web-based tool that helps enterprises and service providers to centrally manage their networks--or their customers' networks--and greatly simplify operations.

  • For enterprise IT departments, CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Software helps centralize network and service operations with autonomous application management by individual business units. It easily integrates with existing upper-layer network management systems and operations support systems while extending manageability to e-business operations.
  • For managed service providers, CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Software provides a Web-based customer network management tool for managed services. It opens new incremental revenue opportunities for managed service providers while dramatically reducing deployment complexity and cost.

CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Software provides a software solution for e-business operations in data centers powered by Cisco equipment, focused primarily on Layer 4-7 load balancing operations. With a proven, easy-to-use GUI and a flexible security model, the CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Software can securely delegate user access to server managers in different organizations, allowing them to take their respective servers in and out of service as well as configure Layer 4–7 hosted services. In addition, the software provides up-to-date fault and performance information regarding network infrastructure and Layer 4-7 hosted services, including customer-defined threshold monitoring, saving time and resources in daily operation.

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