CiscoWorks CiscoView

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NOTE: This component is a part of the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Bundle and cannot be purchased separately. Please check the status of your CiscoWorks LMS Bundle Release to determine availability.

Simplify Device Management and Network Monitoring

CiscoWorks CiscoView is a Web-based device-management application that provides dynamic status, monitoring, and configuration for a broad range of Cisco devices. CiscoWorks CiscoView aides network management by graphically displaying physical views of Cisco devices, with color-coded modules and ports for at-a-glance performance and status monitoring. Configuration capabilities allow comprehensive changes to devices, when requisite security privileges are granted.

Two implementations of CiscoWorks CiscoView are available:

  • An open-server version of CiscoWorks CiscoView is included with many Cisco network management products and is installed on a user-provided server. This version allows administrators to centrally access devices throughout the network.
  • The second implementation installs directly on selected Cisco switches and manages several Layer 2 and Layer 3 features for a single Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch, or Layer 4 and higher features such as server load balancing (SLB), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), VPN, and WebVPN services for individual Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series modules.

CiscoWorks CiscoView offers the following advantages:

  • View real-time front and back panel display of Cisco devices
  • Monitor device performance, device environmental status, and mini-Remote Monitoring (mini-RMON)
  • Make direct device-configuration changes
  • Take advantage of CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution common device inventory
  • Receive support for IPv6 device addressing
  • Define granular multiple-user access rules

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