CiscoWorks Blue Internetwork Status Monitor

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CiscoWorks Blue Internetwork Status Monitor Release 3.0 (ISM) provides mainframe operators with full visibility of a Cisco router network from a single mainframe console. By utilizing many of the TME/10 NetView for OS/390 functions to deliver router management, Internetwork Status Monitor eliminates the need for retraining skilled mainframe operators. Familiar operator consoles with common function keys, help panels, event displays, and network logs help traditional MVS network operators ease their way into distributed network management.

Leveraging your investment in NetView, Internetwork Status Monitor Release 3.0 takes an already powerful management platform and expands on its capabilities. The features of Internetwork Status Monitor offer mainframe operators control of the routed network. Status summary displays provide the "big picture," while other functions such as event monitoring and command tutorials assist operators to diagnose the most difficult of problems.

ISM provides visibility of the router network to the virtual telecommunications access method (VTAM), enabling management through a NetView for multiple virtual storage (MVS) console. Commands traditionally entered at the router console can be issued from the mainframe console, and the responses are returned to the mainframe operator as a full-screen panel response. In addition to these responses, NMVT alerts are transported from the router to the mainframe where they are displayed by the NetView event display features.

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