Cisco Broadband Access Center for ETTx

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Ethernet in the last mile access is an emerging technology gaining significant momentum, especially in densely populated areas. It not only provides an alternative to DSL and cable, but also opens up new opportunities for service providers because of its ability to support a large variety of services enabled by the high bandwidth. ETTx is the abbreviation of "Ethernet to the x", where "x" typically means home, building, or campus. It can also include small or medium-sized business, etc. It is the Ethernet access technology using a metropolitan-area Ethernet infrastructure.

Cisco Broadband Access Center (BAC) for Ethernet to the home and business (ETTx) is a subscriber-management application for ETTx networks. Cisco BAC for ETTx manages subscribers and their service entitlements, and enables subscriber self-registration and self-care, thereby reducing service providers' operational costs associated with subscriber and service deployments. The administrative interfaces in Cisco BAC for ETTx give service providers comprehensive views of subscribers and provide subscriber traceability, reporting, and troubleshooting. The open architecture of Cisco BAC for ETTx allows easy integration with legacy systems and new applications as required by the Cisco ETTx operators.

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