Cisco Broadband Access CNSP

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The Cisco Broadband Access Center is a fast, secure, and highly scalable software product for provisioning tiered services on broadband access devices. It works over multiple architectures and technologies, including cable, T1, DSL, broadband aggregation, and VoIP over Ethernet. Cisco Convergent Subscriber Provisioning provides T1, DSL, and broadband aggregation provisioning for Cisco Broadband Access Center.

The benefits of Broadband Access Center include:

  • Flexibility in creating new service offerings lets you customize services for different customers
  • Automatic provisioning of subscriber customer premises equipment (CPE) makes devices easy to install increasing customer satisfaction
  • Automatic IP address reduces operational cost
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow you to integrate Cisco Broadband Access Center with legacy operations support systems (OSSs) for flow-through provisioning, billing, and fault management

The Convergent Network Subscriber Provisioning (CNSP) domain manager addresses the provisioning challenges that service providers such as your company may face in deploying broadband voice and data services. Your network administrators are likely telling you that manual provisioning processes are too tedious, labor intensive, and prone to errors to support mass-market deployment of broadband services. Complex manual procedures simply prolong the time it takes to activate services and start collecting the additional revenue they may generate.

The Cisco Broadband Access Center CNSP provides an Internet OSS interface for flow-through service provisioning, an easy-to-use GUI for standalone operation, an intelligent voice-and-data service-management engine, and a distributed transport gateway server to help solve these challenges. It will help your network operators prepare for immediate deployment of broadband services on a large scale.

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