Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module

Simplify Network Configuration and Provisioning

The APIC-EM delivers SDN to the Enterprise to the WAN, Campus and Access networks. APIC-EM provides centralized automation of policy-based application profiles. Through programmability, automated network control helps IT rapidly respond to new business opportunities. APIC-EM can be downloaded at no additional charge using a free membership to the Cisco DevNet community.

Features and Capabilities

The APIC-EM and its applications are part of the Cisco ONE Software portfolio. The controller provides a low-risk, incremental approach to adopting software-defined networking (SDN) technologies in branch and campus environments. Using a policy-based approach, the controller automates provisioning of the end-to-end infrastructure to rapidly deploy applications and services.


  • Software that runs on any x86 server, offered as a virtual machine or an appliance
  • Built-in applications that automate advanced configuration tasks via a guided workflow and user-friendly GUI with no programming skills required
  • Integrated analytics, policy, and network abstraction


Massively simplified configuration and provisioning

The controller automates the deployment and compliance checking of network policies across the entire network.

Investment protection

The controller works with existing network infrastructure. There is no need to do an infrastructure replacement. No new network hardware is needed.

Openness, programmability, and customization

The APIC-EM is highly programmable through open APIs (representational state transfer [REST]). It can enable independent software developers to create innovative network services and applications to fuel business growth.

Business policy to network configuration

The controller auto-translates business policy into network device-level policy and enables policy enforcement across an end-to-end network.


The following are optional applications that can be installed on the controller.

Enterprise Service Automation (ESA) Application

The APIC-EM controller’s ESA application centralizes and automates design and management of new network services and branches on any platform, physical or virtual.

Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Application

The APIC-EM controller's Intelligent WAN (IWAN) application automates the configuration of advanced IWAN features on Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers.


The APIC-EM Controller’s PnP (Plug and Play) application delivers on ZTD (Zero Touch Deployment) for Cisco Enterprise Network routers, switches and wireless controllers.

Path Trace

The APIC-EM Controller’s Path Visualization application greatly eases and accelerates the task of connection troubleshooting.

Set Up a Programmable Network

Learn how APIC Enterprise Module helps Continental AG meet its IT demands. (8:02 min)

Adapt to Rapid Network Changes

See how APIC-EM helps Lufthansa optimize quality of service on demand. (02:34)

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