Cisco ANA Carrier Ethernet Activation

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Integrated Offering for Network Activation

In today's competitive environment, service providers must be able to offer a range of services to different types of customers in a cost effective manner. Cisco Active Network Abstraction (ANA) Carrier Ethernet Activation offers a powerful and scalable approach to activating Carrier Ethernet services in a multivendor and multiservice network environment. With Cisco ANA Carrier Ethernet Activation, service providers can accelerate the deployment of Carrier Ethernet and simplify the operations of the Cisco IP Next Generation Network (NGN).

Cisco Active Network Abstraction (ANA) is a resource management platform that serves as an active mediation layer between network layers and operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS). It provides the framework for optimizing business processes, facilitating flexibility to support the acceleration of new services, and reducing costs associated with network changes or upgrades. Cisco ANA Carrier Ethernet Activation extends this functionality to allow the deployment of Carrier Ethernet business and residential services.


  • Provides commonality and system reuse across a variety of services to be deployed
  • Facilitates standardization of Carrier Ethernet activation across all services and devices
  • Accelerates the deployment of Carrier Ethernet services

Service providers can gain competitive advantage by accelerating the activation Carrier Ethernet transport and are positioned to successfully address the demand for triple play services. Cisco ANA scalability helps service providers plan for future Carrier Ethernet network expansion to meet growth demands from business and triple play customers.

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