Lab Equipment Requirements


Certification Lab Requirements

Partners with a Partner Brand type of service (Collaborative Services, CSSP, RSA) Support Agreement must have a support lab as follows:

  • The lab equipment must be set up in a network topology, and should be used for proof-of-concept, post-sales support and training. It can also be used for pre-sales demonstrations. Remote access to the lab, or a process for troubleshooting, must be available and will be verified at the time of the audit. The lab is not to be used for demonstration or evaluation on customer premises.
  • Evidence of a process, procedure or guideline for using the lab must be shown at the time of the audit.
  • Leased equipment may be used towards the lab and must be present at the time of the audit.
  • Lab equipment must be sourced from either Cisco direct, or from an authorized Cisco source.
  • Partners shall ensure that lab is in compliance with the program requirements during the time period between audits.

Partners with CBR or Packaged Services are not required to have a support lab.

Demonstration Requirements

  • All partners are required to have the necessary equipment to perform a successful demonstration of one of their Specializations at the time of their onsite audit.