Team: MADNetwork, Spain

Application : Building Automation Service (BAS)

BAS is a proposal for remote monitoring and operating of real estate facilities (HVAC, lighting, plumbing, presence, fire, flooding, and smoke detectors) of all branch offices from the enterprise headquarters. This solution will incur no additional costs, other than the cost for the installation of sensors and actuators for functions that are to be controlled. It manages these devices by a set of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) operations, providing a comprehensive network view to administrators of these control systems.

This solution reduces the need for external servers to manage these disparate facilities, reduces capital and operational costs by integrating the service management capabilities on AXP. In addition, this solution saves energy costs by detecting facilities breakdowns in real-time.

Cisco AXP Contest: Team MADNetwork Video

Team MADNetwork

Meet David Perez from Spain (5:01 min)

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David has a degree as Engineer of Telecommunications from Universidad Politcnica de Madrid, where he wrote a thesis about a home automation system (HoIP).

David is always looking for new ideas to bring to life. When we asked him what motivated him to join the Cisco Developer Contest, he said "Can you imagine a better support for a building automation system than integrating it on a Cisco router"?

David loves traveling, reading (Edgar Alan Poe and Jorge Luis Borges are among his favorite authors), and writing short stories. He says "I can't imagine how we could live without the Internet, but I love living real life rather than virtual lives.