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Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP) is an open network platform for application development, integration and hosting. It is a service module on the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR). AXP realizes the "Network as a Platform" vision of Cisco while bringing collaborative partnerships and accelerating innovation.

Cisco AXP offers the following features:

  • Linux-based integration environment to develop applications that run on routers.
  • Certified libraries to implement C, Python, Perl, and Java applications(http web server and SSH are also supported).
  • Service APIs for integrating applications into the network.
  • Multiple applications can run in their own virtual instance with the ability to segment and guarantee CPU, memory, and disk resources.

Applications can be tightly integrated with Cisco ISRs; this is a key advantage of using Cisco AXP for hosting, compared to using other server-based solutions.

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