Team: Enhancers, India

Application : Local Advertising Mesh Network (LAMP)

LAMP is a proposal to create an advertising platform for local ad management. It leverages the Google AdSense network to create a distributed ad-serving platform hosted on the AXP. This platform will reside on routers spread across various branch offices.

The ad-serving platform will enable local advertisers to create and manage targeted ads for distribution on various rich media devices across the branch office network (ex. Retail stores can display ads on their LCD units). This solution offers the benefit of enabling a new revenue stream for businesses to open up their ad-inventory by leveraging existing networking infrastructure.

Rajesh Kotagiri

Rajesh is from southern India, and earned his Bachelor's Degree with specialization in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. From 2004 to 2007, he worked as a sales executive for Tata Steel. He had always dreamed of starting his own company, and eventually founded Model Driven Software Technologies (MDST). Rajesh has a passion for identifying and solving problems, as well as developing solutions that have an impact.

Rajesh says "This contest has been an exciting opportunity for me to showcase my creativity".