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Compare Expenses for Services

See how to use tools to measure TCO for Unified Service Delivery solutions.

Prepare for the Future

The Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution provides a single common infrastructure that lets you cut costs, optimize resource use, and deliver a secure virtual experience across your entire service portfolio.

This solution lets you meet growing demand for services that are more collaborative, more personal, and more visual. You will also meet customers’ expectations for agile services that provide greater value in a globalized environment.

See our interactive tool, Cisco Unified Service Delivery - A Visual Overview to find out about service provider data center virtualization and intelligent networks and how to apply them to your service portfolio.

Provide More Services at Lower Cost

The Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution lets you provide many new services that deliver unique, high-quality customer experiences. At the same time, this solution also improves capital and operational efficiencies.

Unify Service Delivery

The growth of video, rich media applications, and broadband have driven an increasing need for media-awareness technologies.

The Cisco service provider architecture, Cisco IP NGN outlines and provides a vision to address significant industry transitions:

  • The rise of the empowered consumer and mobile connectivity
  • An explosion of applications driven by computing and software advances
  • An explosion of personal devices with multiple functionalities

To help service providers be successful in such transitions, the Cisco Unified Service Delivery provides a new approach that transforms service delivery. It combines the power of an intelligent network with the power of service provider data center virtualization and unified computing to link users with applications in optimal ways. It provides service delivery infrastructure for central offices, video head offices, video serving offices, and data centers.

The Unified Service Delivery solution lets you unify service delivery across these areas:

  • Intelligent network, computing, and storage resources
  • The network and data center virtualization environments

Data Center Elements: Overlays on a Baseline

The data center in Cisco Unified Service Delivery consists of one or more overlays on a generic baseline architecture. Each overlay is specific to a service that a provider deploys.

As a provider, you can combine any number of overlays to create “personalities” for Cisco Unified Service Delivery. For instance, you can combine overlays for streaming video, broadcast video, and video on demand (VoD) to create a media data center. Or you can combine overlays consisting of templates for hosting service and cloud computing to create an enterprise IT services data center. You can combine overlays spanning both consumer and residential services to create a true multiservice data center.

To learn more about the baseline architecture and service overlays for the Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution, see the Cisco Unified Service Delivery At-a-Glance document.

Infrastructure as a Service

Many service providers now place top priority on entering the market for cloud computing services. Some providers start with “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) offerings (also called “virtual infrastructure hosting” services) that enable customers to run workloads on the provider’s infrastructure.

The Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution lets you quickly deploy a technology foundation for creating and delivering IaaS services. This foundation not only helps you bring cloud computing services to market quickly, it also provides a foundation for other services or for new services that emerge as the cloud computing market evolves.

To learn more about how to use the Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution to create a flexible, secure, and economical platform for delivering cloud computing services, see the Solution Overview on Cisco Unified Service Delivery and Cloud Computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Integration of Video and Other Media

The past decade of innovation in networking has generated both business and residential demand for media-rich services. To meet that demand, service providers must integrate video and other media into increasingly robust service portfolios.

The Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution provides an infrastructure for delivering video and other media in new and unique ways. It also provides a common technology platform that you can use to deliver video and other media, simplifying the integration of media into existing services.

Collaboration and Communication Services

Communications infrastructure continues to grow worldwide. That growth generates demand for services that facilitate communication and collaboration over greater and greater distances. Delivering such services transparently can require complicated integration of multiple platforms.

The Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution offers a flexible, virtualized infrastructure that reduces deployment costs and integrates the many elements of collaboration and communication services.

Cisco Unified Service Delivery Products

These data center virtualization and intelligent network products form the foundation for an expanded array of services that transform service delivery.

Unified Networking Fabric Products

Application Services and Security Products

  • Application Networking Services
    This comprehensive portfolio of application networking solutions and technologies helps to increase application performance, availability, and security while simplifying and speeding deployment.
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module
    This module, a high-speed integrated firewall module for Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and Cisco 7600 Series routers, provides the fastest firewall data rates.
  • Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances
    These appliances provide intelligent threat defense and secure communications services that stop attacks before they affect business continuity. These appliances also reduce deployment and operations costs while providing comprehensive security.

Unified Computing Products

  • Cisco Unified Computing System
    This next-generation data center platform improves IT responsiveness to rapidly changing business demands. It accelerates delivery of new services simply, reliably, and securely through comprehensive provisioning and migration support for both virtualized and nonvirtualized systems.

Interconnect, Peering, and Internet Edge Products

  • Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
    These routers provide the highest performance, service capabilities, reliability, and efficiencies in a compact form factor. They provide interconnect and peering capabilities for service delivery centers when smaller scale and size is needed without compromising performance.
  • Cisco Carrier Routing System
    This carrier routing system is the only router to provide continuous system operation, unprecedented service flexibility, and system longevity. This system provides interconnect and peering capabilities for service delivery centers when you need very large scale with the highest performance.
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
    Cisco’s flagship switching solution provides industry-leading services and performance, with the most comprehensive feature sets for data center deployments.
  • Cisco 7600 Series Routers
    The Cisco 7600 Series is the first carrier-class edge router with integrated, high-density Ethernet switching, carrier-class IP/MPLS routing, and 10-Gbps interfaces.
  • Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
    These modular switches with zero service loss architecture meet Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet needs and future unified fabric requirements.