"I am amazed and impressed at how much energy and passion our company exudes around the topic of flexibility."

Francine Katsoudas
Director of Human Resources, Client Services

At Cisco, our competitive advantage is rooted in our employees. To attract and retain the most talented people in the industry, we listen carefully to what our employees say about the kind of workplace they want to have, and develop programs to fulfill those needs. This past year we devoted more time to better understanding the needs of our staff. We have improved upon our current employee programs, providing more flexibility in work arrangements, enhancing opportunities to balance work and home life, and emphasizing our employees' overall well-being.

Employee Demographics

Our Global Workforce

As of the end of the fiscal year, Cisco employed a total of 41,163 people worldwide (excluding Scientific Atlanta and Linksys): 69 percent of our employees were based in the United States and Canada, 14 percent in Europe, 11 percent in Asia Pacific, 2 percent in Japan, and 4 percent in Emerging Markets.

The following charts categorize our employee base by age range and number of years worked at Cisco.

While 15 percent of our employees have been at Cisco less than one year, 65 percent of our workforce has stayed with the company for five years or more. These numbers substantiate our efforts toward employee retention. Additionally, 80 percent of our employees are 30-49 years old, an age when many people focus on raising families. Listening to the distinct needs of this group helps us provide the workplace flexibility they need to help them achieve balance between work and home life.

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