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Agenda Cisco Expo 2008
November 5, 2008
08:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:30 Optional Technical sessions (three workshops):
  1. Power Session - UC Mobility&Presence
    Alin David - Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania
    Yves Torjman, Consulting Systems Engineer
    Zorela Sora, Systems Engineer Manager
2. Power Session - Cisco Security Devices – Interoperability
    in the field
, Dragos Titescu, Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania
    Georgy Acs, Consulting Systems Engineer
    Ivica Ostojic, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
3. Power Session - Subscriber Management in Broadband
, Bogdan Zapca - Systems Engineer SP, Cisco Romania
    Ovidiu Neghina - Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania

November 5, 2008
12:00 Registration & Coffee
13:00 Cisco Keynote - "Enable Your Network, Empower Your Business", Bogdan Constantinescu, GM Cisco Romania
13:45 Cisco Technical Keynote - Technology for a Changing World, Axel Clauberg, Director, Systems Engineering, Emerging Markets, Cisco
14:30 Platinum Keynote - "Next Generation", George Makowski, Chief Commercial Officer, Romtelecom
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. Data Center Architecture Strategy and Planning, Walter Dey,
    Distinguished Systems Engineer, Emerging Markets, Cisco
2. Innovation in Routers Architecture: ASR 1000,
    George Boulescu, Systems Engineer, SP Sales, Cisco Romania
3. Video Architectures for the Enterprise, Zorela Sora,
    Systems Engineer Manager
4. SP High Availability, Marek Moskal, Consulting Systems Engineer,
5. IPoDWDM, Adrian Aron, Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania
16:45 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. Cisco solution for business continuance and disaster
, Jaromir Pilar, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
2. Cisco Next Generation Data Center Strategy - Nexus Family
, Maciej Bocian, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
3. Empowered Branch: New solutions for the branch based on
    ISR platforms
, Denis Zotov, Product Manager, Cisco
4. Video over IP application for Service Providers, Jaroslaw
    Grabowski, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
5. Recent developments in MPLS and Carrier Ethernet
, Istvan Kakonyi, Vertical Solutions Architect, Cisco
  Cocktail Party

November 6, 2008
08:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:15 Cisco Technical Keynote - IP NGN in the video world of todays Experience Providers, Andiy Neuherz, Director, Systems Engineering, Cisco Austria
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. IBM Romania - Next generation Data Center Networking
    Ionescu Mihai, Global Technology Services, Integrated
    Communications Services Team Leader
2. Reţeaua Cosmote IP MPLS - DataNet - Infrastructura sigură
    pentru trafic de voce 2G şi de date
, Marius Maritescu -
    Director Directia Comutatie si Servicii, Cosmote Romania,
    Liviu Gheorghe - Director Tehnic, Datanet Systems
3. Romtelecom, Angelos Fountoulakis, Director Divizia Integrare
4. The evolution of IP Telephony to Unified Communications,
    Kernel Control
, Sebastian Neamtu, Senior Voice Engineer,
    Kernel Control
5. Cronus - Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0,
    Laurentiu Zanca, CTO Cronus
10:50 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. Mobile Convergence in ENT, Mihai Spiridonescu, Systems
    Engineer, Cisco Romania
2. Data Center Networks and Fibre Channel Over Ethernet,
    Walter Dey, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Emerging Markets,
3. SP Core Best Practices, Marian Selea, Network Consulting
    Engineer, Cisco
4. Campus Multilayer Design Best Practices, Mihai Mincu,
    Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania
5. SP Voice Architecture, Rue Hartman, Consulting Systems
    Engineer, Cisco
11:50 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise - DataNet -
    Flexibilitate şi productivitate prin integrare cu reţeaua şi
    cu aplicaţiile, prezentare a implementarii în Unicredit
Gabriel Muşat - Director Executiv, Datanet Systems,
    Cornel Chirculete - Leader Echipa Comunicatii Unificate, Datanet
2. Probitas - Cisco Digital Signage, Mircea Anastasiu, Project
3. Logicom - Building a Mobile Business: The Transition from
    WLANs to Wireless Unified Workspace
, Sakis Fidanis,
    Cisco Business Unit Manager, Logicom - European Markets
4. Frontal Communication - "Managed Services - A Winning
Sorin Pârlog, CTO
5. TC&C Soluţii inovatoare pentru Cisco UC, István Szórádi,
    Channel Sales Manager
12:20 Lunch
13:30 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. WiMax Architecture, Peter Gaspar, Consulting Systems
    Engineer, Cisco
2. How to "squeeze" data and save money - WAN
    acceleration with WAAS
, Maciej Bocian, Consulting Systems
    Engineer, Cisco
3. Warriors Of The Net, Ivica Ostojic, Consulting Systems
    Engineer, Cisco
4. IPCC Design, Alin David, Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania
5. NMS solutions for Service Providers, Sebastian Grabski,
    Consulting System Engineer, Cisco
14:30 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. IBM - Unified Communications and Collaborations, Ionescu
    Mihai, Global Technology Services, Integrated Communications
    Services Team Leader
2. Kernel Control - Boost the productivity and security in
    your branch offices,
Dragoş Călin, Executive Manager, Kernel
3. Romtelecom, Daniel Durigo, Director Divizie Servicii Globale
4. Frontal Communication/Ubiqube - Converged Network and
    Security Management Solution for Enterprises and Service
, Eric Brambilla - Ubiqube, Gheorghe Radoslav -
    Account Manager Frontal Communication
5. IronPort - Cisco's No.1 strategy against spam, viruses and
, Jason Steer, EMEA Product Manager, IronPort - A Cisco
    Business Unit
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. Carrier Ethernet Innovation, Jaroslaw Grabowski, Consulting
    Systems Engineer, Cisco
2. Data Center Virtualization Overview/Concepts, Jaromir Pilar,
    Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco
3. Security Monitoring, Georgy Acs, Consulting Systems Engineer
4. Optimization Services for Live Networks,
    Claudiu Calomfirescu, Support Manager, Cisco Romania
5. MPLS Diagnostic Expert not only for CCIE's, Sebastian
    Grabski, Consulting System Engineer, Cisco
16:20 Breakout sessions (five workshops):
  1. Fluke Networks - Modern approach to Performance
    Monitoring by use of resources available in Cisco IOS
, Paul
    Glynn, Director PfM Sales, EMEA
2. Cronus - "Systems Integrator’s role in helping companies
    face the new challenges of the future: bridging the gap
    between technology and productivity"
, Eugen Bunea,
    GM Cronus
3. S&T - Integrated Information Security System using Cisco
    Technologies - the solution for your Enterprise
, Mihai
    Săndoiu, Solutions Sales Representative, CCNP, CCDA,
4. ZOOM - ZOOM introduces "Cisco Compatible" recording
    solution management solution
, Karol Keher, Regional
    Manager CEE
5. Brinel - Soluţiile de infrastructură realizate de BRINEL,
    Claudiu Boar, Networking Manager
16:50 Coffee Break
17:10 GM Keynote & Closing

November 6, 2008
  Optional Paralel session:
10:00 R&S Techtorial, Ciprian Tone, Systems Engineer, Cisco Romania


Laboratoarele Fluke Networks
5 noiembrie 2008:
13:45 – 15:45 "Analiza Performanţelor Aplicaţiilor de Business"
15:45 – 16:45 "Identificarea şi rezolvarea rapidă a problemelor din LAN"
16:45 – 17:45 "Folosirea tehnologiei Cisco Netflow în monitorizarea proactivă şi rezolvarea problemelor din WAN"
6 noiembrie 2008:
10:20 – 11:20 "Analiza Performanţelor Aplicaţiilor de Business"
11:20 – 12:20 "Identificarea şi rezolvarea rapidă a problemelor din LAN"
13:30 – 14:30 "Folosirea tehnologiei Cisco Netflow în monitorizarea proactivă şi rezolvarea problemelor din WAN"

Consultaţi aici descrierea Laboratoarelor Fluke Networks.

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