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Welcome to Cisco Expo 2007

Cisco Expo 2007 will be taking place on the 30th April 2007
The event will be held at The King Fahd Cultural Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Looking forward to seeing you there...

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HASOUB is a company for diversified IT Hardware supply business focus, which targets different market sectors in the supply and distribution of Hardware/Infrastructure Cabling/Software products, focusing on corporate clients, in addition to HASOUB registered system Integrators.  With a well structured and systematically automated infrastructure, HASOUB has been capable of sustaining a rapid successful growth while expanding new client base and maintaining loyalty of our existing ones. Our commitment to delivery time and post-sale support, in addition to maintaining efficient stock levels of a broad range of product lines is what differentiates HASOUB

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Established in 1967, MDS Holding group of companies gave rise to MDS - Arabia Ltd.

Servicing emerging markets of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Providing professional and certified turnkey solutions for:

  • Enterprise & Fault Tolerant Computer Solutions.
  • Networking: LAN, WAN, Security, WLAN, …
  • Structured Cabling Systems.
  • S/W for Financial, Maintenance, Healthcare, etc..
  • Site Preparation
  • Electro-Mechanical systems (UPS, Precision A/C, Frequency Converters, Raised Floors, Chargers and Batteries, Fire Alarms , Fire Protection etc..).
  • Power generation, Transmission and Distribution.
  • Hospitality Systems (POS, access cards, etc…).

Jeraisy Group looks upon its future with a great deal of enthusiasm and ambition. The potential of the organization is excellent and its management team prides itself in having the best and most qualified employees who constitute the backbone of Jeraisy Group's success and who take pride in identifying themselves with the success of the organization.

PANDUIT is a global leader in wiring and communication products, delivering end-to-end solutions in support of demanding electrical and networking requirements. Continually focused on market needs, PANDUIT provides innovative products that meet today's applications and environments. This provides leading-edge solutions that allow businesses to move forward with their strategic objectives.

Al-Jammaz Distribution is a leading Saudi based IT company, which distributes advanced technology products, solutions and services in the areas of networking, data and voice communications, Computers, Servers, storage, wireless mobility and broadband access.  We do business through our channel partners; Al-Jammaz Distribution serves the financial, industrial, education, hospitality, healthcare, and government sectors, offering high-demand products at the lowest possible cost including leading technology suppliers such as: Cisco Systems, Linksys, Alcatel, Acer, SUN Microsystems, Patton Electronics, SpeedTouch, Brand-Rex, Saifor, APC…

We mainly look after the distribution business through 1st and 2nd tier targeting the Retial, SMB/commercial Mid Market and Enterprise segments.  After eight years of working in the field of telecommunications, we succeeded to establish strong business with coverage and reach about 80% of the Saudi Arabia territory.

EBTTIKAR Technology Co., a subsidiary of the National Technology Group, is one of the leading IT Infrastructure Solutions Providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is well positioned to lead the IT service industry in the Middle East by leveraging its strategic partnerships with world class technology vendors, solid service infrastructure and its commitment to the region.

Information Technology Security Training & Solutions I(TS)2 is the Middle East’s premier provider of integrated security solutions and security education.

I(TS)2 is focused on empowering governments and commercial enterprises in the Middle East to combat evolving security threats. I(TS)2 delivers End-2-End Security Solutions (E2S2) that are based on unrivaled regional knowledge, shaped by industry best practices and designed and implemented by certified security professionals.

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International Turnkey Systems (ITS), a leading integrated information technology solutions provider, offers superior products and services that enable organizations to keep pace with the evolving changes in today’s competitive business environment, and to meet future challenges and opportunities. At ITS, we are proud of our long, proven and successful track record. We implement cutting-edge solutions for numerous valued clients through out the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region as well as Pakistan and Malaysia. Our creative solutions help corporations and organizations, just like yours, to quickly adopt appropriate new technologies that enhance business productivity and enable them to stay ahead of the competition.

OGER SYSTEMS is a part of SAUDI OGER Group and it is among the leading system integration companies, offering services to clients across different sectors.

OGER SYSTEMS focuses on delivering technology-led business solutions to its customers across varied industries.
OGER SYSTEMS principal activities are providing IT infrastructure, Business Solutions, Portals, Connected Real Estate (CRE) Solutions, and Health Care Solutions.
Many companies have recognized OGER SYSTEMS unique combination of technology skills as well as the company’s compelling, timely solutions

Synergy Professional Services (SPS) is based in Dubai Knowledge Village – U.A.E. with offices in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Kingdom and Canada in addition to a group of appointed sponsored organizations covering many countries in the Middle East and Europe.
SPS is focused on meeting the growing need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expertise in both global and local markets through providing its clients with Consultancy, Training & Education and Technical Support Services, thus enabling its clients to accelerate their business growth through more effective use of ICT in their respective industry.

Qualys, Inc. is the leading provider of on demand security risk and compliance management solutions. Qualys is the only security company that delivers these solutions through a single software-as-a-service platform. QualysGuard® allows organizations to strengthen the security of their networks and conduct automated security audits to ensure compliance with policies and regulations. As a scalable and open platform, QualysGuard enables partners to broaden their managed security offerings and expand their consulting services. Qualys' on demand solutions are deployed in a matter of hours anywhere in the world, providing customers an immediate view of their security and compliance posture. QualysGuard is the widest deployed security on demand solution in the world, performing over 150 million IP audits per year.

Internet is at the heart of our business. We built and manage a robust top-notch backbone network across the Kingdom. This network is interconnected to AwalNet operation in Riyadh for cross-border Kingdom and international coverage – an important consideration for companies who compete in the Kingdom and globally.
As one of the largest Internet providers in the country, we have developed a great deal of expertise in managing Internet services. We offer a wide variety of Internet products designed to meet the needs of different types of businesses. You can rely on AwalNet for business class Internet performance and service.

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The Orbit Satellite Television and Radio Network is the world’s first fully digital, multi-channel, multi-lingual, pay television service, providing perfect sound and picture quality at all times. With a digital technology able to supporting hundreds of television channels and 21 radio stations, Orbit's premium package of television and radio services offers an unrivalled variety of choices for even the most demanding television viewers and radio listeners. Orbit was created with a sole purpose in mind: to provide a vast selection of world-class entertainment and information in English, Arabic to an audience hungry for greater programme diversity.

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Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) was established in 1988 with a paid-up capital of SR 110.5M under the directives of the Government of Saudi Arabia to create local capabilities in strategic areas like advanced manufacturing technologies, communication systems, and product support. AEC's efforts are directed towards developing national capabilities in strategic areas, thereby enhancing the Kingdom's self-sufficiency and improving operational readiness of advanced systems through local maintenance.

INTRACOM TELECOM is a leading regional developer and manufacturer of telecommunications systems and supplier of integrated solutions and professional services. Since June 2006, INTRACOM TELECOM is controlled by JSC SITRONICS (Russia), the technology subsidiary of JSFC SISTEMA, with 51%.

Since 1991 Data Consult has been developing innovative Information and Communication solutions built on a large spectrum of technologies. Enriched by a strong background in networking and telecommunications in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East, we have been focusing exclusively on the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) setups.

Al Khaleej Training and Education Company is considered a pioneer in the field of Information Technology, Electronics, Communication, English Language and Administrative Training in all fields. Al Khaleej has accomplished outstanding achievements, the most important of which was gaining the trust and confidence of various governmental establishments and private sectors. Al Khaleej is the foremost in training Saudi citizens throughout the Kingdom with a highly qualified cadre of employees exceeding 1000 employees. By means of Al Khaleej’s wide-spread branches and franchises, the company plays a leading role in developing the Saudi woman and enforcing her role in society.


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