Unified Communication

Cisco® Small Business Solutions enable small companies to connect employees, customers, and suppliers – easily, reliably, and affordably. Drawing on a broad portfolio of Cisco products

The small business solution from Cisco can give you the tools you need for maintaining a competitive edge.

At Cisco, we believe that a small business solution should be up to the biggest business challenges. This solution helps you:

  • Improve customer service
  • Be more efficient and productive
  • Cut costs
  • Heighten security

By using technology to serve your business needs, you can find a small business solution that's just your size.

See your small business solution at work

Find out how other companies have turned to the small business solution from Cisco with great results. Watch for some real-world solutions to the challenges you face every day.

The small business solution for better customer service

Provide better service and richer experiences-faster-with the small business solution from Cisco.

  • Respond to customer needs on the Web, on the phone, and in person
  • Provide your employees with real-time access to information
  • Give your customers self-service options

The small business solution from Cisco makes it easy to:

  • Route calls to staff wherever they are
  • Retrieve calls on your laptop
  • Gain remote access to the information you need

The small business solution for greater efficiency

  • Simplify how you communicate with employees and customers
  • Help your employees become more productive
  • Automate routine business processes

The small business solution from Cisco helps you:

  • Maintain a mobile workforce
  • Give your employees more ways to interact with each other
  • Link an Internet protocol (IP)-based phone system with your customer relationship management (CRM) system

The small business solution for cutting costs

  • Protect your technology investments
  • Eliminate redundant technology
  • Reduce communication expenses

The small business solution from Cisco can help you:

  • Combine voice and data on an IP network
  • Route long-distance phone calls over your IP network
  • Keep your network secure

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