Workplace meeting featuring in person and over video hybrid teamwork

Hybrid workplace solutions

Make the office a magnet with innovative workspaces

Meet the new hybrid workplace: smart buildings with sustainable networking and high-quality audio/video in every meeting room.

The intersection of people, spaces, and technology

Smarter workplaces connect people in new ways—and support their productivity, health, and well-being.

What's included

Recommended room layouts for every hybrid work scenario, complete with video and room technology plus networking and smart building elements


Tailored workspace experiences

Reimagined workplaces turn every space into a hub of collaboration backed by a network that supports video and audio streams for every meeting. Best of all, these workspaces do more than connect people—they support your team's health and well-being.

Real estate as a platform to accelerate your people, environment, social, and governance goals

A smart building and hybrid work success story

Case study: A smart building and hybrid work success story

Discover lessons learned from our PENN 1 office in New York City, a state-of-the-art workplace that combines flexibility and well-being to drive productivity, innovation, and collaboration.

Cisco Catalyst 9166 and 9162 access points, Cisco Spaces dashboard, Webex meeting with screen share, Meraki MV72 Smart Camera

Unlock the power of your hybrid workplace

Workspaces designed with flexibility and your well-being in mind

Curated room experiences that foster connection and inclusion

Wired for sustainability, visibility, networking, and collaboration

Cisco Spaces: A smart spaces cloud, connecting networking, sensors, and collaboration products into a single cloud platform that makes your buildings smarter than ever

Video devices: Cutting-edge video devices with 4K Ultra HD video and noise cancellation; compatible with leading collaboration software, including Webex by Cisco and Microsoft Teams

Cisco Access Networking: A portfolio of centrally managed Cisco Catalyst switches, wireless solutions, and software powered by advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), so you can securely connect users and devices to applications while simplifying and automating your IT operations

Cisco Meraki dashboard: Lets you manage all your endpoints, devices, security, and firewalls with a single click

floor map for cisco building at PENN1

Build your hybrid workplace

Get access to our curated design guides that bring space layout, technology, and furnishings together to create an optimal hybrid work experience.

Get started

Cisco can recommend room experiences for your hybrid workplace based on your needs–plus networking products including switches, access points, and wireless controllers.

Gain insight from industry experts

Webinar for leaders

A leader's guide to a secure, simple, and flexible hybrid work environment

Join our experts to learn how to secure your hybrid work environment and meet the demands of employees working at home, in the office, or anywhere else.

Connect to more hybrid work solutions

Empower your people

Workstations with office-grade connectivity and security

Enhance home offices with enterprise-quality wireless networking, video, and collaboration kits.

Design the right foundation

Software essentials for secure, flexible collaboration

Gain end-to-end visibility and insight to troubleshoot the entire hybrid work experience.

Getting started

We're here to help

Take the first step toward designing flexible workspaces built for your teams.