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Lawful Intercept

Lawful Intercept FAQ

1. How do Cisco solutions for service providers address lawful intercept requirements?

Most countries require the handover interface between the service provider and law enforcement to meet globally recognized lawful intercept standards.

Cisco service provider network equipment can function as an intercept access point (IAP) within the service provider network but does not directly support the handover interface to law enforcement. The Cisco Service Independent Intercept (SII) architecture requires a mediation device from one of Cisco’s third-party partners for management of lawful intercept authorizations, provisioning of the intercept within the network, and presentation of the intercepted information to law enforcement in the appropriate format.

Cisco network elements based on the SII architecture combined with a mediation device from a third-party partner address the lawful intercept requirements for the handover interface between the service provider and law enforcement for most recognized lawful intercept standards.

For information about lawful intercept requirements in various countries, see:

2. How does the Cisco lawful intercept architecture work?

In response to requirements to support lawful intercept for its service provider customers, Cisco developed the Service Independent Intercept (SII) architecture. The SII architecture offers well-defined, open interfaces between the Cisco equipment acting as the content Intercept Access Point (IAP) and the mediation device. The modular nature of the SII architecture allows the service provider to choose the most appropriate mediation device to meet specific network requirements and regional, standards-based requirements for the interface to the law enforcement collection function.

The Cisco SII architecture is standardized in informational RFC 3924 and is supported by Cisco's partners for lawful intercept mediation devices and by other equipment vendors.

3. Where do I direct inquiries?

Contact your Cisco representative for information on solution features.

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